Tameka Raymond’s BFF Says She’s A Bad Mother, Tameka’s Sister Calls Usher Violent

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By: Taren Vaughan

Tameka Raymond and Usher are still battling it out in the courtroom over who is going to get custody of their children. And as the case proceeds, more testimonies are being given as to which parent is more suitable for the children to be with. In the hearing on Tuesday, Tameka Raymond came clean about some things, revealing her past criminal activities as teenager. As both Tameka and Usher have told their sides of the story, a few outside parties close to the couple have spoken out about Tameka and Usher’s character.

According to MyFoxAtlanta.com, Tameka Raymond’s best friend Linda Brock-White, godmother of Tameka’s 13-year-old son Ryan, is not siding with Tameka as Brock-White said that to her, Tameka never really acted like a real mother to her children:

“She wasn’t a mother to her kids…She didn’t spend quality time as a mother with her children”

Brock-White also added that when it came to who was going to care for 4-year-old Usher V and 3-year-old Naviyd, the children that she has with Usher, Tameka often handed that responsibility over to someone else:

“It was always someone else’s responsibility when it came to the two little ones”

Brock-White  also mentioned traveling with Tameka to a Caribbean island last month and how Tameka took a separate flight while she rode on another plane with the two boys.

Although her best friend was clearly not rooting for Tameka, Tameka’s sister Yolanda Moore outed Usher for being violent towards her and his mother Jonetta Patton:

“He got upset, I’m sorry Mr. Raymond got upset and he kinda started to ram his car…my car was here, and was parked here and Jonetta was in a car that was parked in front of mine. And he kinda started to ram his car into my car and her car”

This case is set to wrap up today. However, it probably won’t end without more things being revealed about both Tameka and Usher.

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  1. Tameka doesn’t really strike me as a good mother or even a hands on one. Like, why is it that her other kids live with their Dad and not her? Something just never seemed right about that to me.

  2. Wow that’s cold of Usher to bring her former BFF in there to help him take those kids away from her. Come on Usher. Why can’t they just agree to joint custody and move on?

  3. Usher’s probably tired of supporting Tameka. He’s gotten desperate and will say/do whatever he has to in order to get full custody. I expect Usher to win this case.

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