Kandi Burruss Wants No Part in the K.Michelle, Rasheeda, and Toya Beef

k michelle kandi burruss beef

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Do Kandi Burruss and K. Michelle have beef? As the K. Michelle and Rasheeda beef continues to heat up, K. Michelle and Rasheeda both have gotten real personal with their insults of one another. The friendship between Rasheeda and K.Michelle began to change once Rasheeda revealed that she did not believe K. Michelle’s claims of being abused by ex boyfriend Memphitz. And somehow now Kandi and K. Michelle are rumored to be at odds. One of the reasons Rasheeda refuses to believe the singer’s story is because she is such good friends with his wife, Toya Wright. So on the most recent episode of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta, K. Michelle confronts Rasheeda in an emotional scene which foreshadows the destruction of their relationship. Although Rasheeda recently slammed K. Michelle in a long letter on her Instagram account, she suggested that K. Michelle had also ruffled feathers with Kandi Burruss. And the same day, both Rasheeda and Toya hinted that they had some audio that they might release soon to shut K. Michelle down.  So where was Kandi when all of this popped off on Twitter? Silent as a mouse. And whispers in Atlanta suggest that it’s because Kandi wants no parts of the K. Michelle, Rasheeda and Toya beef. Some even say she’s even confused on how her name even got thrown into the beef that keeps getting more ratchet each passing day.

Regardless, Kandi took to her Twitter account to confirm her position in the beef and how she really feels about K. Michelle’s rants:

kandi k michelle beef

Well there you have it. Seems like Kandi wants nothing to do with all of the drama that’s going on with K. Michelle, Rasheeda, and Toya. And we can’t say we blame her.


  1. Kandi’s not about to make herself look stupid. Let’s leave that to Rasheeda and Toya. They’re pros at that sh-t. And K. Michelle is doing a terrible job of shedding the “crazy” label.

  2. I was trying to figure out how she got into this too. Rasheeda put her name in the letter, and I was confused as hell. But it’s possible that Kandi might have said something and it got back to K., but it’s even more possible that Kandi was just guilty by association. It doesn’t take much for K. Michelle to go off on someone. lol

  3. This is why I love Kandi. She gets it. Make your money and run your business. Twitter beefs are childish. I love me some K. Michelle, but she, Toya and Rasheeda all look real childish right now.

  4. Well she needs to call Rasheeda and Toya and tell them to follow her lead. Both went about defending Memphitz the wrong way. They look crazy and Kandi’s looking like a grown woman about hers.

  5. I noticed Kandi wasn’t saying a damn thing throughout all of this. But honestly, none of them should. Not to this extent. Someone made a good point on here. Why is K. Michelle (a victim of DV), always threatening other women with violence? It makes her a hypocrite and I really hope she tries to drop this. If Toya and Rasheeda want to keep making themselves look stupid, let them! Because at the end of the day, Toya won’t stop until someone drops some tea on Memphitz’ s a– and we all saw Rasheeda sit there and let some other woman emasculate her husband right in front of her face. Let them destroy themselves. They will.

    1. Rasheeda needs to sit her dumb a– down! She wasn\’t there so she should keep her mouth shut! When men fight men and women fight women it is wrong! When a man hits a woman thats some f-cked up coward a– sh-t!!! I believe he beat k.michelle and he deserves every bit of the slander.

      1. Were you there? No… so maybe you should take a seat as well. No one was there except the people involved in the relationship…if the incident even really took place….therefore, no one actually knows what happened. People lie about abuse all the time to be vindictive. The abuse may or may not have taken place. So why side with one and put down the other, when you truly don’t know what happened. People don’t make any dayum sense these days. Worry bout what did and did not happen in your friggin life.

  6. Kandi does not do beefs. It’s not in her character. And at the end of the day, she has more to lose than the other 3 if she did participate. Neither Rasheeda, K., nor Toya have real money. Kandi does and her image is half the reason. She’s playing it smart. And I’m from Atlanta, I can tell yall I’m not surprised at Rasheeda at all. She’s just as ghetto as Toya.

  7. Kandi got brought into this because on her Kandi koated nights web show, she had Memphitz on it, where he talked about the situation. Kandi never said anything, nor did the cohosts say anything for or against neither K. Michelle or Memphitz- but K. Michelle’s unstable and psychotic a– took his appearance as Kandi siding with him.

  8. Kandi is too classy 4 dis lil bshitt rt imean I feel like dis it dnt matter if toya and rasheeda are friends or not it dnt got nothing 2 do wit her 2 comment on datt period so rasheeda needs 2 focus on her music n so do k. Bhut toya needs to hear both sides kus yu neva kno witt man dese days rt ikno she happy n all bhut if he gon do it 2 k all toya gtta do is mke ol boy mad enough n datt fool a do da sme trusted me da TRUTH is gnna come out SOONER OR LATA so we will find out butt wen da truth come out I gtta feelin sumbody gon look very stupid bhutt dey cnt say dey didnt kno oh well datt a be dem smh dey do need 2 grow up lokey dmn SHAME

  9. Why don\’t all these young women grow up and if that young Man did do it he will have to pay the price, and he might have change and let move one from that problem and everyone sit down and try to get some help and stop hating on each other you all are some beautiful Black Women and they like to see us at each other but please let\’s get it together. Love and Obama 2012

  10. Everybody hating on k.michelle but she not scare of none of the b-tches.toya telling a lie on k.michelle. toya need to set her a-s down her husband just don’t want her a-s anymore. She know if would have went on that show k.michelle would have kick her a-s toya can’t beat a flew hoe.i can’t stand her a-s that was not her problem it was k.michelle and her ex man I know he want k.michelle back and Kay can get his a-s now if she want him back toya trying to get him back but he said he’ll no. He left toya with he child support. Toya a-s can’t beat k.michelle look he move in California where Kay michelle live now yes he want Kay back now toya money still can’t keep a man.that funk up. But I guess next time she will leave Kay along. She just wasted her Time she want here husbant back but he said he will never go back to toya ever again that’s f*** up.when a man don’t want you back she still wanthim and he just had aanother baby but not from his wife toya. Why is toya keep trying to get him back but he said he’ll no. That hoe so dam struipis he’ll so now he gold no money so now toya can kiss Kaymichelle a-s. I know lLil Wayne and k.michelle happy he don’t want that big the no more toya talk about Lil Wayne baby mamma she just hating on his girl I beat toya so call friends laughing at he dumb a-s everybody glad it over her husband want k.michelle back that why left her dumb a-s.

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