Karrueche Finds Humor in Rihanna’s Interview With Oprah, Stans Attack

karrueche tran rihanna oprah interview

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Rihanna’s long awaited and highly anticipated interview with Oprah has finally aired. And as to be expected, she shed some light on the whole situation with Chris Brown and how she currently feels about the singer she claims is “her first love.” As we have already mentioned, it has been pretty difficult for Chris’ current girlfriend Karrueche Tran to date him publicly while most are still hoping for a Chris Brown and Rihanna (Chrihanna) reunion. However, she continues to trust Chris despite the many publications claiming that he and Rihanna have been reuniting behind her back over the course of the last few months. During the interview, many waited on what they thought would be a reaction from Karrueche Tran to some of the things Rihanna revealed about Chris. One of the most talked about revelations was that she still communicates often with Chris via text messages, and she even admitted that the two saw each other when they were in St. Tropez at the same time. Rihanna for a vacation, Chris to shoot a video with Ludacris.

After all of that waiting, Karrueche finally tweeted her response to the interview, although it was a very short response, many Rihanna stans saw shade:

karrueche tran shades rihanna oprah interview

Seconds later, her mentions were destroyed. In fact, Rihanna’s navy of stans have been dragging her for the last 12 hours.

rihanna oprah interview karrueche tran tweets

And of course, they got even worse and even racist:

karrueche rihanna fan tweets

And finally, just sad:

karrueche tran rihanna oprah interview mentions

rihanna karrueche tran tweets

Just in case you missed the interview, here’s the whole thing in full.



  1. All stans of every celebrity should be shipped off to some remote island, away from the civilized people. It just kills me that they worship other human beings like GOD. This is gross and I feel for Karrueche.

  2. I saw the interview, and I really think it’s sad that people are mad at Chris for at least trying to move on. Why is so much hate directed to Karrueche. What did she do? She met Chris, like him, and now she’s dating him. How does that warrant people wanting her dead? People are sick and Twitter just confirms that.

  3. I don’t know how Karrueche deals with all of this. I might have had to hurt somebody. These people take their adoration of a celeb too far.

  4. I think people drag her because they think she’s keeping Chris from Rihanna. But Chris is a grown man and I’m pretty sure he dates who he wants to date.

  5. Maybe Karrueche really did find humor in the interview. I know I did when Rihanna started talking about Chris. I mean she makes herself look stupid still wanting to be with the guy who beat the brakes off her.

  6. I’m still trying understand what the big deal is about Chris. He acts like a douche bag on Twitter, he’s rude with a terrible temper, and he hit a woman. And Rihanna’s talking like he’s not even being respectful to his current gf, since he has no reason to be communicating and seeing an ex when he has a gf. And his cheating is what caused the whole thing with Rihanna in the first place. Both of these ladies can do better and most importantly they need to.

  7. They hate Karrueche like she’s the one that broke them up. Newsflash, Chris’ fists broke him and Rihanna up. Had he kept them to himself, they could have ended on a more positive note. I don’t care what anyone else says, they were too young and they wouldn’t have lasted anyway. The only reason they want each other now is because most people don’t want them together.

  8. Besides the whole part about Chris, I find it kind of jacked up that Rihanna said she doesn’t want to be a role model. Umm, I’m sorry but you don’t have that choice as a celeb. To me it sounded like a cop out, so she doesn’t have to take any responsibility for her behavior. And she’s probably trying to destroy her image as much as possibly so she can get back with Chris. Either way, she sounds selfish and really immature for refusing to step up to the plate. So many little girls look up to her.

    1. This is the same crap they say about Nicki. Look, it’s not a celeb’s responsibility to raise someone else’s kids. We are all flawed, and even some of our biggest role models have dirty secrets. People need to do their jobs as parents, and raise their kids not to look up to strangers for guidance on how to live.

      1. Barbee, I agree with you. I think it’s absurd that people expect someone to automatically be a role model because they’re in the public eye. Expectations like that are not only unfair, but unrealistic. Celebrities are entertainers…not politicians. Lastly, Rihanna’s music is generally about adult topics. Little girls should not be listening to that type of music; so if your five year old daughter is running around the house singing Birthday Cake- you’re failing as a parent.

      2. I agree with Barbee abt parents need to raise their own children and stop looking to these artist for that, b/c they are humans too and they have the right to make mistakes its LIFE , but if you want your child singing birthday cake and talking abt whips and chains then go ahead ! & why are they hating Karrueche she hasnt done anything but find a man that she likes, started dating him & now she is being hated for that by some of Rihanna’s dumb a– stans ! & if she did say something she has the freedom to its HER twitter and HER mouth she just suppose to be mums the word b/c its Rihanna ! & for the person who tld her to die, how could you tell someone’s daughter that what if someone told that to your mom or someone in your family !? Some stans go TOO far ! Let Karrueche live her life w/ Chris cause its obvious he not gone leave her no time soon ! & Rihanna can continue to love him and move the hell on !

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