Did Chris Brown’s Mom Shade Rihanna on Twitter After the Interview With Oprah?

chris brown mom and rihanna twitter

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Rihanna and Chris Brown can’t seem to separate from one another when it comes to making the headlines. Since the two split after a nasty domestic violent situation that left Rihanna bloodied on the night of the Grammys, she and Chris Brown have had to deal with the numerous allegations and conspiracy theories on where the former couple really stands today. Although Chris has tried to publicly move forward and even has a girlfriend, it just seems as if the media just  swears a Chrianna reunion is right around the corner, or has already happened, despite Karrueche still very much being in Chris Brown’s life.

After Rihanna’s sit down interview with Oprah aired, many were shocked by Rihanna’s honesty. During the interview, the singer admitted that she was still very much in contact with Chris Brown and that she still has feelings for him. The way Rihanna talked about Chris, it made many feel like Karrueche might as well just packed her bags. Of course Karrueche doesn’t agree, but Rihanna may have enough reason to be hopeful if getting back with Chris is something she really wants to do.

After initially being applauded for her honesty by her legions of fans, it appears not everyone was impressed. In fact, some might even say Chris Brown’s mother Joyce Hawkins felt like Rihanna may not have been honest enough. Especially when it comes to being open about what happened the night Chris Brown would forever be labeled as a woman beater. Read from the bottom up:

chris brown mom rihanna tweets


Not so fast says Momma Breezy, she immediately addressed the tweets after Rihanna’s fans began to question her:


rihanna and chris brown mom twitter


  1. That was totally shade to Rihanna. People have said for YEARS that Momma Breezy is salty that Rihanna won’t ever tell the full story and that is ALLEGEDLY Rihanna hit Chris first. The timing was just too convenient for those tweets. But the last one was more interesting. It sounds like to me she’s still #TeamChrihanna. She just wants Rihanna to tell the whole truth that’s all.

  2. Oh goodness. She really should have waited at least a few days to tweet that. Of course everyone is going to think she was talking about Rihanna. And honestly, why wouldn’t she? We all know she thinks Chris is perfect anyway.

  3. This woman means well but she doesn’t need to be on Twitter. Especially with the Rihanna buzz going so strong. Take a cue from Chris and be silent. Even inspirational tweets can be perceived as shade. Twitter ain’t safe.

  4. She was talking about Rihanna. Even Ray Charles would have been able to see THAT shade. I don’t blame her. Rihanna probably did knock Chris upside the head a few times before he clocked her. Both of them are aggressive people.

  5. Damn, she’s such an enabler. She’s just as bad as Momma Dee. And then she ends the twitter rant like she still thinks they should be together. I just can’t…

    1. She wasn’t talking about Rihanna because she came back and tweeted she talk to Rihanna everyday so who was the tweet for Oprah Chris Karrueche maybe the mystery will come out in time. Because Riri told the whole truth nothing but the truth about St Tropez when his PR said it wasn’t true how much more they lied about to the fans for Chris and Karrueche Tran relationship.

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