Lauren London Doesn’t See Why Being Lil Wayne’s Baby Mama is a Big Deal

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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Lauren London is one of those actresses who just can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to gossip, especially since people tend to be more interested in her romantic life with Trey Songz and Lil Wayne than her acting career. Lauren must obviously be a little tired of the whispers too, as she recently ranted about how she was disgusted about the rumors of her not even knowing who the father of her son was. It can be a cold business for any celeb, but it is obvious that Lauren had no idea that she’d have to fight off so many rumors about her love life. And when it comes to Trey Songz, the speculation continues to be at an all time high that the two are indeed a couple.

In a recent interview with Quddos, she talks about her past and maybe even her present with Trey Songz, her history with Lil Wayne and why she feels people shouldn’t be so shocked they had a child together, and where’s she at in her career:

Here are the highlights.

On Trey Songz:

“We’re not together. No, we just took a picture together. [Those rumors] don’t upset me because I know him, he’s a great guy but no I laugh at that. Me and my brother were walking down the street one day and they said I was dating my brother and I was like, ‘That’s funny’.”

About that…Trey Songz recently revealed that he and Lauren are not “exclusive,” but they have been lovers. He told 106KMEL, “I’m gonna say this right now, Lauren London is a very important person to me. I love her to death. Is she my woman? No. We are great friends and, yes we have been lovers before. And I’m saying this right now ’cause I’m tired of people asking me about that sh-t.” There you have it.

And why she can’t understand why being one of Lil Wayne’s baby mommas is a big deal:

“I don’t understand why that’s so fascinating to people. I’ve known him since I was 15 years old but no one knows that. No one knows that because I wasn’t in the public eye then so it wasn’t all that interesting to take pictures of.”

She even talked about how she feels about being a new cast member on the upcoming season of The Game too. Peep the interview below:


  1. Pretty girl but she doesn’t have high enough standards when it comes to men. I don’t know if Trey is only being secretive because of his career, but it’s not a good look when neither man you’ve been rumored to be with doesn’t claim you as his woman. And I did hear she lost her virginity to Weezy, so maybe that explains that.

  2. Really Trey? So he gets mad because people ask him about dating Lauren? That’s better than all those gay rumors floating around about him. These R&B singers today, chile I tell ya.

  3. People are fascinated that she is Lil Wayne’s BM because we just thought she could do so much better. But she’s proof that pretty girls don’t have good taste in men either sometimes.

  4. What do these women see in Lil Wayne anyway? I swear he looks like he stinks, and he’s an obvious womanizer. Is it the money? Because I still think he’s secretly broke. We all know Baby don’t pay nobody nothin’ on that label. D

  5. Lil Wayne may be ugly and look like he smells, but he has a way with women. I think he just knows what to say so women throw out all logic when dating him. But the creepiest thing to me is how he just kind of goes back and fourth with the same 15 chicks. That’s nasty as hell to me.

  6. Aww I like Lauren. People come down too hard on her. She probably loved Lil Wayne and had no idea he was missing with Nivea at the same time. Men do it all the time.

  7. I don’t see the hype with Trey Songz. He looks like Tweety bird and I swear he wears lip gloss. And he puckered his lips out in his pictures. I’ll pass…

  8. I like how she played Trey Songz lol. I’d do the same thang too if a man doesn’t want to say what he had with me was serious either. Great shade Lauren.

  9. LOL @ her saying she just took pictures with Trey and he said they were lovers. She knows what she’s doing. And that is the best revenge, making them look stupid. He should have claimed her when he had her. That was foul of him.

  10. People make a big deal about her having Wayne’s baby because she and Nivea were pregnant at the same time! People just couldn’t believe someone so beautiful was getting played that bad. But it happens. Looks don’t mean a damn thing.

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