Kanye’s Ex Girlfriend Alexis Shades The Hell Out of Kim Kardashian on Twitter

alexis kanye kim kardashian

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kanye and Kim Kardashian didn’t get together allegedly without stepping on a few toes. And when it comes to the gossip mill about these two, most folks know they got together on some shady technicalities. For one thing, Amber Rose outed the two in a rather epic fashion before the two even became public with their relationship. For those of you that missed that, Amber Rose said that Kim pursued Kanye while he was with Amber. In fact, she revealed it was her finding naked pictures of Kim in Kanye’s phone that led to their split. And during this time, Kim was dating Reggie Bush, and many others have whispered that Kim was sleeping with Kanye while she was in a very public and exclusive relationship with the NFL star. Hell, they even said she was sleeping with Kanye while she was engaged to Kris Humphries. So no was one surprised when Reggie shaded the new couple on his Twitter account the day the two went public as a couple.

But Amber hinted that she and Alexis Phifer (Kanye’s ex girlfriend who he was with for years) had a lot in common. While she never elaborated, other sources have revealed that Kim even pursued Kanye while he was with Alexis. And people in the industry say it’s the craziest thing because Alexis and Kim were close friends. In fact, Alexis is said to be the one who introduced Kim Kardashian to Kanye.

So if all that is true, maybe it explains why Alexis threw shade at Kim the other day on her Twitter account.

Peep her tweet to Ray J.:

alexis kim kardashian kanye twitter



  1. Damn. Kim has been screwing Kanye that long! What the hell? Man that is real shady of her. I never knew she was friends with Alexis. Kim is a true h-e for that.

  2. This just confirms that Kim and Kanye are made for each other. Both of them are trifling and industry sluts. Alexis was too good for him anyway.

  3. LOL Team Alexis! A black woman with her own business and money who isn’t slutting it out for fame. Now that’s who Kanye should be wifing up. But he’s too much of a coon to do the right thing. Let him have Kim’s trashy a–.

  4. Alexis has been throwing tantrums on twitter about Amber as well not just Kim for awhile. She’s clearly not over Kanye. She stalks their relationship & comments on everything. She went to WTT before Kim did so maybe she wanted him back & it didnt happen. Chick needs to grow the f*** up. She keeps saying how she’s better than Amber & Kim. Kanye doesnt seem to care.

      1. Thats the thing though. Amber didnt do anything to her so why is she whining about her? That means that her whining about Kim doesnt mean Kim did anything either. Didnt Alexis break up with Kanye to begin with?

        1. Khloe, Kim, or Kourtney? Hell, Johnathan? Which one are you? You’re doing damage control, and that’s not even normal for a STAN. Let me say this, I know for a fact that you’re lying. Amber and Alexis are cool, she has never had problems with Amber. And she ain’t tweet no kind of shade about Amber. You’re salty bc the nasty truth about your girl is making its way on these blogs. And it’s about time because everyone in the industry knows how dirty Kim is. So don’t you dare try to throw dirt on Alexis’ name, because everyone already knows she’s a sweetheart. Kim however is an evil, and racist TRAMP, whose days in the spotlight are numbered. She’s burned a lot of bridges. She needed this relationship with Kanye, and one day soon, you’ll see why. And that’s all I’m going to even say. Ugh!

  5. Alexis didnt introduce Kim to Kanye. Kim met him long before that. Alexis & Kim were also NOT close friends. Kanye & Kim got to know each other on the set of a show they did together after that

    1. I know right if your bad enough to be a trifling joe just admit it! Be proud of you skany a-s ways no one else will!

  6. Kim is selfish as hell. Why would you pursue a man who is already in a relationship? That’s so low. I believed Amber when she said Kim was sending him naked pictures. Karma is real though and I think Kim and Kanye will get theirs. But Alexis needs to really move on.

    1. I’m not the biggest Kim fan but Kim loved Reggie. That was clear. Amber also cheated on Kanye & allegedly tried to steal from him among other things. She doesnt talk for 2 years & the randomly has all this to say when her single is dropping & shes trying to start a music career? Yeah sorry dont buy that.

      1. You’re obviously a Kim fan. You’ve made 30 comments already. There’s no need to lie on other people because Kim is a dirty person. Grow up, and learn how to contribute to a blog’s comment section like an adult. I’m sure those racist comments about black women being jealous of Kim are coming soon too. I’m with Hater, admin block this person.

  7. LOL Alexis is salty. She’ll get over it soon and find another man that will treat her better. She ain’t missing out on nothing. But this is why yall shouldn’t write about Kim, her stans ruin the comment section every single time. I agree, block the crazies who keep leaving 300 comments and switching up names ON THE SAME DAMN IP ADDRESS. I always loved this blog because most of the people that comment are grown. That clearly isn’t the case on this post. And me no likey.

  8. Please! She’s just jealous that she didn’t have what it takes to keep him. LOL, hate all yall want, Kim is PERFECT. Kanye upgraded. 🙂

    1. Darling, what exactly do you think it takes to “keep” a man that isn’t WORTH keeping? You sound so delusional. I don’t know you, but judging from your “Kim is PERFECT” comment, I need not waste any of my rational energy on this.

  9. I knew this was going to get ugly because Kim and her people obviously have nothing better to do than patrol comments. People think I’m hating/lying when I say this, but I know her publicist. They stay on it. And her stans are pathetic too. As “busy” as Kim tries to look on Twitter and on the cameras, the only time I hear about her is when it comes to who she’s f-cking or who she f-cked. Meanwhile, Kanye gets press about his career. Kim doesn’t really have one, so this is all we can talk about when it comes to her. Here’s the truth tho. No matter what happened, Alexis hasn’t been with Kanye in years. So subtweeting Kim makes her and her friends look lame. She needs to get a new man and move on like everyone else has to. She’s a classy chick but this here is NOT.

  10. Kayne can stop talking he use to speak for us now he’s not making no sense guess he done been in too many relationships with non black women he dated amber rise and Kim k back to back do he don’t had black for a min and he losing his blackness he ain’t got no black woman so the blackness goes.

    He’s sounding real stupid because he spends most of his time defending his wife to black people that she exploits and uses her whole family. It’s not just her its sad and he’s becoming embarrassing….omg

  11. It’s official Kayne is a coon. He knows better his mom was educated and I know she educated him it’s unfortunate he wasn’t a strong black man but a weak one. He keeps on being a distraction running around making noise and not much sense. I won’t support ant thing he do he’s not black enough. And there is such a thing ask a black person not a mixed black but a black person that question?

  12. It’s official Kayne is a coon. He knows better his mom was educated and I know she educated him it’s unfortunate he wasn’t a strong black man but a weak one. He keeps on being a distraction running around making noise and not much sense. I won’t support ant thing he do he’s not black enough. And there is such a thing ask a black person not of biracial person but a black person that question?

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