Erica Dixon Says Lil Scrappy Did Not Beat up Her Boyfriend & Talks Momma Dee

did lil scrappy beat up erica boyfriend

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Did Lil Scrappy beat up Erica’s boyfriend? Erica Dixon seems to be a favorite when it comes to the urban gossip blogs. Although the first season of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta has ended, Erica is still finding herself denying the validity of rumors on her Twitter account. And the latest rumor is that Lil Scrappy actually approached and beat up the Italian guy who Erica was supposedly crushing on and talking about on the last episode. The same rumor also alleges that this guy was her boyfriend for a short period of time, and that Lil Scrappy got incredibly heated when he found out Erica had began dating other guys. There’s a few problems with this story, and of course we never did believe that Lil Scrappy did beat up Erica’s boyfriend.

As we recently revealed here, Erica and Lil Scrappy never broke up. In fact, Shay Johnson was paid and invited on the show when Mona told Erica and Lil Scrappy that they could ask one of his ex girlfriends to join the show to create conflict for the show. This is one of the reasons Erica and Lil Scrappy are engaged now. The two never broke up and Shay Johnson hasn’t dated Lil Scrappy since last year. But Erica and Lil Scrappy have been together and even sharing a place for over a year now. And Shay has even been rumored to be in a serious relationship with an up and coming photographer in Atlanta.

So this Italian guy Erica was talking about most likely didn’t exist, and there’s no way this confrontation happened either.

Regardless, Erica confirmed on her own Twitter account that the rumors are just…rumors. Lil Scrappy didn’t beat up Erica’s boyfriend:

did lil scrappy beat up erica boyfriend

In related news, Erica also dished to Rickey Smiley on what she thinks Momma Dee’s issue is with her:

“Mama Dee’s—you know, she’s older and she’s single. Like Scrappy is her everything right now, and she knows I have his heart. She knows I can take Scrappy, and that’s what she’s afraid of. She’s afraid of me taking him away from her, which is not my intention.”


  1. I agree with her about Momma Dee, but what I’ve seen from Lil Scrappy on the show makes it hard for me to be happy they are getting married. Whatever.

  2. I think Momma Dee’s relationship with Scrappy is just plain creepy. The way she crawled in the bed with him on that one episode made me feel real uncomfortable,

    1. Parents should stay together to raise their children n the right way they should go… As for scrappy … U stepped up to the plate, now it’s time for u to perform your husbandly duties n live up to your marriage vows if n when it happens… Marriage is a sacred thing n God takes it very serious…. God won’t c u as 2 ppl praying u will b as 1… Remember that b faithful n honor your marriage always…. A family that prays together stays together…

  3. I think Erica really over did it at the dinner first off what did she mean when she said momma dee didnt want to jump off or whTEVER it was she said that was just wrong scrapp look like he wanted to put them paws on her a-s bout momma dee o.o

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