Wait a Minute Here, So R. Kelly is a Woman Beater? Apparently So

r kelly abusive andrea kelly

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Did R. Kelly abuse Andrea Kelly? Andrea Kelly already has folks talking because she is the ex-wife to R. Kelly, a music artist that most had no good clue was even married for all of those years. Although the two divorced in 2009, Andrea Kelly is now trying to move on with her life and pursue her dream of dancing again, and even giving reality television a try with her current stint on VH1’s Hollywood Exes. But a recent admission of being abused has folks confused.

In a recent episode of Hollywood Exes, Andrea revealed that she had been in an abusive relationship. Although she never gave the name of the abuser, we decided to do a little digging since we can’t recall ever hearing anything about R. Kelly being a woman beater. And honestly, we were curious to see if he’s ever abused Andrea,

And we found an old article that went into detail about an emergency protective order Andrea was granted against the singer:

Earlier this month, Kelly’s wife, Andrea, was granted an emergency protective order to keep the singer away from her, claiming physical abuse, harassment, stalking and interfering with her personal liberty. She had written in her petition that she didn’t want any contact with him “at all, by any means.” When that order expired on Friday, she asked for it to be dismissed instead of extended — but she’s since hired one of Chicago’s top divorce attorneys, Donald Schiller, who told MTV News that while Andrea Kelly hasn’t filed for divorce, the couple are now separated and she’s moved out of their home.

“My wife and I had a heated argument, and we are now in the process of working it out,” R. Kelly said in a statement released Monday (September 26). “We hope that the press and public will give us the time and privacy we need to resolve this very personal situation.”

In Andrea Kelly’s petition to the court, however, she referred to not one but several such heated arguments, including one in which she asked for a divorce. She wrote that Kelly “snapped” at her because a man turned up in the background of a photo she took with her children in Miami in August, and that two days after that, he “snapped” at her again, because of a comment she made about a man in a magazine.

“Last summer I was slapped for lying to him,” she wrote in the petition to get the restraining order, “and we made up, but I asked for a divorce and he pinned me down and continued to hit me, yelling, ‘Don’t you leave me! Why are you leaving me?’ He says, ‘I’m sorry, I’m not a wife-beater, my hand was open. It’s not like I did it for no reason. You made me do it.’ “

Due to legal reasons, Andrea probably couldn’t have named R. Kelly as her abuser. In fact, it’s been rumored that most of the ex wives on Hollywood Exes are held to some very strict contracts that are preventing them from spilling too much tea on their famous ex husbands. Regardless, Andrea Kelly ended up taking back the emergency protective order a few weeks later to attempt to work things out with R. Kelly before they divorced in 2009.



  1. R. Kelly sounds like he really has some issues. He sleeps with little girls and he’s abusive and very controlling from what Andrea says on the show. Smh

    1. I don’t know, but I’m sure if he was beating on her she would have shouted it from the rooftops like she did Memphitz on LHHATL.

    2. I don’t think they dated, or at least K. Michelle neglected to share that information. She did say though that R. Kelly was a form of support for her when everything with the domestic allegations between her and Memphitz were going on. That in itself is interesting to me if he is in fact abusive toward women…

  2. R. Kelly is the scum of the earth! I can never support scum like him. He should be in jail for what he did to that 14 year old girl and Aaliyah. But don’t worry, karma is a b—–.

  3. Honestly, is anyone surprised here. This guy urinated on a teenage girl. He seems like a man that likes to demonstrate power over women.

  4. Let me get this straight… He abused Andrea and yet is in K. Michelle’s corner, supporting her as she deals with her own abusive relationships? Something just is not right here…

  5. I’m not surprised. Like someone already mentioned, he peas on women and girls during sex. That says he’s controlling and not very respectful of women. So him getting physical ain’t the least bit unbelievable.

  6. I just don\’t know anymore about R
    Kelly. The infamous tape everyone mentions, doesn\’t look like him at all. But I recently saw another tape where it does infact look like him so go figure. If infact he is sleeping with young girls and he\’s abusive, he definetly need some psychiatric treatment. No wonder Andrea wanted out and threw her 50,000 dollar ring in the pond. All of that stuff is sick and humiliating. What a mess!

  7. This is ridiculous !why would r.kelly abuse his ex-wife? I can hardly believe it because if he was really that abusive where are the bruises at? and I already know about the whole sex tape what he did was wrong and disgusting but he knew what he did was wrong and paid for the price by doing time in jail right? but since than he has changed his life around he is still a good man I don’t buy the abuse story at all I’m sorry i just don’t if he did r.kelly would have came out and said he was abusive or that he was controlling if he was controlling i would think she would be scared to leave him or leave him and not come back why would she let him do it if it is even true and correction k.Michelle was abised by mempthiz not Kelly I also know that r.kelly divorced his wife not the other way around I think r.kelly is a good person and i love him music.

  8. It’s painfully obvious that R. Kelly has issues with women. He obviously likes to be in control, which partly explains his fixation on underage girls. As for him having “changed his life,” he still has an adolescent fixation on sex even though he is now 47 and has young daughters himself. That comes through very clearly in his songs. As for spousal abuse, there do not need to be bruises to prove physical abuse occurred. Besides, not all abuse is physical, and emotional abuse can be just as destructive. In fact, emotional abuse often escalates to physical abuse. In addition to the underage girls he victimized by introducing them to the worst aspects of sexuality, he has brought shame on his own family. It’s long past time we stopped blaming his victims and held him accountable for his own actions. As passionate as we are about the issues young black boys face, we need to devote the same energy to the issues young black girls face. It starts with rejecting the way society devalues them by projecting a sexualized image on them and being enabled by those who are quick to call these girls and others “fast tail.” There is no such thing as black progress when one sex is elevated at the expense of the other either way, and we need to stop putting celebrities on unrealistic pedestals.

  9. Girl you been schooled by the best of em he ain’t sorry and you know it..here’s your chance take it and ruunnn!!

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