Mona Scott Young Gets Into Heated Debate With Rickey Smiley Over LHHATL

By: A.J. Niles

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Executive Producer Mona Scott Young recently had to fight off criticism of the show from Rickey Smiley during an interview on his morning show. During the interview, Rickey Smiley expressed his dislike of the tone of the show and the images it displayed of African Americans. Mona staunchly defended the show stating that the show allowed the cast to express their stories and help determined aspects of their relationships as well as employing people, allowing them to pay their bills and take care of their families. Mona feels that the show is not targeted to children and does not let her own two daughters watch the show. Rickey, who admitted to not watching the show feels the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta does nothing to improve how African-Americans look on television to those who are not African-American.

No matter how one feels about the show and how it showcases African Americans, Love and Hip Hop Atlanta generated very high viewership during its air time and there have been talks of a second season. In fact, many outlets have reported that Vh1 will air the second season of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta sometime during the winter of 2013.

Check out the heated exchange below and let us know if you agree with Mona or Rickey.



  1. How is Rickey Smiley going to criticize her when he does “Paternity Test Tuesday?” Is this man serious? He’s a bigger coon than Mona will ever be. Please.

  2. I think Rickey is just trying to show out. He’s no better than Mona in the sense that both have sold out somewhat for their success. Most of Rickey’s stand up routines are rather coonish too. Look, the show has never been marketed to young kids. It’s for grown ups and I’m very capable of deciding what I want to watch on my own TV.

  3. I couldn’t even listen to the whole interview because I just can’t get over how much of a hypocrite Rickey is. The thing that blows me the most though is that black people still care what white folks think about them in 2012. I mean we have a black president, and they call him a n-gga too. So what will it take for black folks to see that there are just some racist white people out here that are only going to see what they want to see when it comes to black folks? Live your damn life and stop worrying about all this other stuff. Everyone watches some form of trashy TV, Every black person on TV does not represent the entire race.

    1. I agree to an extent because I am black and this is kinda a bad representation.Unfortunately,because of hypocritical racist ignorant a-sholes like Rickey Smiley (who has no problem making fun of white people yet he is against stereotypes of black people.It seems his bias makes him only care about racism towards his race….) who think that they represent the entire black race or that a race even NEEDS representation.I bet that if it was african american gang violence,he would donate some money to stop it…yet if it was gang violence that happened to people that were white,I doubt he would even care.And usually I am against saying things like this.And people like him are so biased that they fret over the most trivial things,but just as long as they get a good image on TV….I mean really,why would he try to “improve the image of African Americans to those who are not african american”.Why not to everyone…does he believe stereotypes that white people are racist? Well,he might.But a black person on TV apparently must have some sort of College degree instead of be themselves because a-sholes like him will see them as some sort of stereotype….It’s one thing if he is talking about the stereotypes of the loudmouth,obnoxious black people on TV (I know people like this exist,but it’s a damn constant thing that is constantly on TV).And the mcdonalds commercials with R&B as the background music with everyone in the commercial being black….I mean it’s just too obvious).Apparently to a-sholes like him,race does have to do with how you act/what decisions you should make.It’s not like there are white/asian/hispanic people with the same problems that many black people face (poverty,gang violence,etc)..apparently to him,those people don’t exist.Apparently he thinks that black people are still the sole/primary victims of these things,not like other people face them just as frequently…and even to people like him,he automatically disapproves of a black person listening to rap (judgmental f-cker) because he feels “it gives them a bad name”.Does he know that race has nothing to do with the music you like? The way you act? The things you like? The way you dress? Does he not think that there are white people that are just that way.Apparently,he has this simple-minded view that black people are as they seem in Tyler Perry movies and that White people are different…..even though I think skin color means nothing,he is a racist ignorant f-ck.I completely agree with Shannelle,but my point is that there are also people of other races facing the same thing.Black people aren’t the only ones/primary ones.Their race means nothing in these matters.There are also people that are white/hispanic/asian/etc that are just like Rickey Smiley.But there are people like that in real life,but it’s not just primarily black people….it’s everyone.Everyone faces racism.

      But he probably believes that black people are the primary “victims” from those “evil racist white people”.
      That simple minded f-ck believes stereotypes,but do know that I see many black people (and people in general) that turn against people like him….however,others are simple-minded sheep that follow his warped and twisted views.
      If a black person in a commercial just touches chicken,he cries out racism (people like him really don’t know the meaning of the word,apparently),yet that heart pain commercial with a white guy stereotype (the way he dresses,the way he talks,the activities he took part in” and people like him never see them.Ironic,isn’t it?

      I use to think that many black celebrities were like him when I was equally bigoted and ignorant and closeminded like him,but many,like Tyler Perry are not…Rickey is just another Spike Lee

  4. Why do these older black people put so much energy into things so trivial? I’m actually wishing they were just as passionate about the gang violence that’s killing all our young men in Chicago. But they’re more worried about BBW and Stevie J…shows for adults. SMH!

  5. I agree with Rickey. Black people need to be mindful that we can not and will never be able to do the same things White people do. Black people must present themselves in ways that counteract over 400 years of racism and prejudice. Our stereotypes carry weight that help keep us all down, not able to fulfill true potential.

  6. I honestly just do not care about Love and Hip Hop Atlanta being on TV. If I feel a show is trash, I will not watch it. Period. All people have negative stereotypes showcased on TV. You do not see white people wanting to take the Jerry Springer show off air.

  7. Sorry yall, Rickey’s show is ghetto at times, but he does add some positive things too to give it balance. Mona doesn’t do that. And she really should. I love the show though. lol

  8. This coming from a guy who makes fun of an special ed girl name Precious & an special ed boy that use to sit behind him. Black people getting emotional about theses black shows like it isn’t happening in real life. There are strippers like joseline there are baby mothers who guys don’t take care of their kids their are abusive ladies even though I don’t believe kmichelle its truth to theses shows so I don’t get why some black people are so up tight about it y’all been a hot mess before theses shows aired deal with it

  9. Hmmm…I think some people are taking this a little too seriously. Racist white folks are always going to be racist white folks. Nothing we do on TV or in politics will change that. It’s 2012, can we please stop acting like we need to impress another race of people? Especially since people who are racist want to be racist.

  10. I couldn’t even listen to the whole interview. After sitting through 4 minutes of Rickey cutting Mona off every time she tried to respond to his comments and questions I just got disgusted. I understand where they’re both coming from. It’s honestly just one of those things that people have to agree to disagree about, because there are those that love it and there are those that hate it. Personally, I would just prefer that shows like that be presented as sitcoms versus “reality tv.” Despite Mona saying the show isn’t scripted, I do believe it is edited and presented to us in a way that makes it tough to believe that these things “just happen,” although I do acknowledge those type situations happen in everyday life. Then on the flip side, just because they happen doesn’t mean it has to be televised. I’m torn on the debate. *shrug*

  11. It is now about one year after the original post, and I have just had the misfortune of viewing an episode of Rickey Smiley’s sitcom. I am appalled by the ignorant racial stereotypes that pass for cheap, pathetic comedy. It is embarrassing to watch. So has Smiley been called out for his duplicity?

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