So Chilli Wants People to Know She Still Loves Usher, Watch Out Grace

chilli and usher tweet

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Just days after Tameka Raymond and Usher’s bitter custody battle has come to an end (for now), it seems as if Chilli (Usher’s famous ex girlfriend) is coming clean again on how she feels about the R&B heart throb. Even though Chilli publicly broadcasted her man hunt that ended with no man on VH1, Chilli still obviously has some feelings for Usher 10 years after the two broke off their relationship, which Chilli attributes to Usher’s inability to be faithful to her. After he broke it off with the TLC singer, he had one public relationship before dating and eventually marrying Tameka Raymond. Although those two eventually divorced and Usher’s been publicly dating his current girlfriend Grace Miguel since then, I guess Chilli hasn’t really managed to stop her love for the man who has referred to her as being his first real love.

So over the weekend when a fan asked Chilli if she still loved Usher, she answered very honestly. And it has some wondering if a reunion between the two is pending, despite Grace still being in the picture. Peep the tweet that had everyone going pretty crazy on Twitter, just days after Usher beat Tameka Raymond in court and was granted parental control over their two sons:

chilli usher tweet

There you have it.

Not too long after, the two began following each other on Twitter.


  1. Oh…Chilli, please move on dear. That was over 10 years ago and you STILL don’t have a man. Meanwhile, Usher has had many since then, and girlfriends too.

  2. Is Usher good in bed or something because he be having these old a– chicks sprung on his a- like 15 years later. And none of them seem to want to get a man after he leaves them. Crazy.

  3. They were cute together, but he’s still cheating, so she need not be in love with him after all these years. I think Chilli is single for the same points Gia made on the last post.

  4. IMO, if a woman still wants and loves a man after like 5/10 years, she just needs to get some good sex and go on some dates. This only happens when a woman isn’t getting any. Only then do I think they hang on so hard to the past. Chilli is a gorgeous girl, but we all know she hasn’t had a man in years. That’s why she still “loves” Usher.

  5. There’s a difference between loving someone and being in love with them. Furthermore, just because you love someone doesn’t mean you desire to be with them. Give people an inch and they take a mile. I personally don’t feel that anything is wrong with her saying she loves him; it doesn’t mean she hasn’t moved on. And why does the longevity of emotional attachment have to be attributed to how good he is in bed? Grow up.

    1. Chilli is still in love with Usher. She’s said this numerous times on television, in interviews, etc. No one is making a mile out of anything, this has come out of he mouth SEVERAL times already. And yes, decades of emotional attachment should be tied to sex. I sense you’re like most women who loathe the fact that women can actually like sex enough that they mistake good sex for love. Men do it all the time! People in general mistake love for good sex. Have you been living under a rock? It’s NOT normal or healthy to still love an ex after 10 years and refrain from dating. And no, Chilli has not to moved on. She still has no man. And her show demonstrated that she has issues. So I see nothing wrong with these comments. Women need to admit that they too love sex and can be addicted to it, and a man who performs. This is Chilli’s case probably, and perhaps Rihanna too. So maybe you should grow up for believing that it’s healthy to hold on to a past relationship for over a decade.

      1. Just as everyone else is entitled to their own opinion, I too am entitled to mine. Your sense about my being like most women is innacurate and no I have not been living under a rock. Please keep in mind that I made no generalizations and simply offered my perspective on this single issue. If it isn’t on this blog, I don’t know about it, so pardon my ignorance regarding Usher and Chili’s extensive relationship history prior to this. I actually agree with your perspective and can appreciate the alternative view on the situation. The primary point I am making with my response is that her admission that she still loves him does not have to insinuate her desire to actually be with him (yet another point I’m sure you’re more than able to refute as well). Just because I feel like it doesn’t HAVE TO doesn’t mean I feel it’s impossible, nor does it mean I’m not aware of the other things you mentioned in your response. So thank you, but in “growing up” I am able to see this from more than one angle, and it just so happens that my initial response doesn’t fit within your opinion. Such is life.

  6. Usher is a horse down there everybody on music industry knows that ask chilli, tameka , maya , vida guerra and
    stefanie martinez well know as stefanie wilson is a young britain model . she told for news of the world how well edowed he was , about the threesome and him being a beast in bed so i dont blame them for fall in love with him .

  7. I don’t see how this is some big confession. Allot of people can still love people from their passe.d Hasn’t she even said that before? Your reaching on this one guys.

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