Chris Brown Angers Fans Over Alleged Drug Abuse and They Drag His A*s on Twitter

By: Taren Vaughan

Do Chris Brown‘s fans and haters really think he is on drugs? Chris Brown has seen much success as an entertainer ever since he hit the music scene. Even after pissing off a large portion of his fan base on Twitter for a moment, Chris has continued to be a hot topic but not without people bringing back up the domestic dispute with Rihanna after her interview with Oprah, something that Chris supposedly wishes Rihanna would stop talking about. Chris Brown may still have fame and a sizeable fan base, but there seems to be a growing concern about his possible drug use. It was rumored awhile back that Chris Brown was on drugs, something that many people speculated because of his outlandish behavior.

The rumor hasn’t seemed to lose any steam either as a recent pic (shown below) of a thinner Chris Brown and his girlfriend Karrueche Tran hit the internet.

After seeing this picture of him and peeping his latest hairdo change, Chris Brown fans, and of course haters too, have been tweeting about the bad habit that Chris may have started:

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And the possibility of Chris Brown being on drugs has really gotten some of his loyal Team Breezy followers highly upset, with them claiming that Chris Brown is one of the few male artists that is still holding it down in the music industry:

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While Chris’ fans may be showing their concern yet disgust with him, the people who despise him the most are using the rumor as yet another opportunity to bash him:

Some people even went on to accusing Rihanna of doing drugs too:

Whether the rumors are true or not, many of Chris Brown’s fans are not too happy with him right now.


    1. It’s either that or Molly. But Cocaine seems like the more obvious answer here. But to be honest, people would be surprised about who does drugs in Hollywood. Most of them probably do something. He just happened to get addicted to it.

  1. He’s definitely on something. If you look back to how he looked a couple years ago, his face looks very crackish. I think the pressures of fame and the Rihanna situation has him in a depressed state, and drugs are an escape for him.

  2. The sad thing is none of his people will try to get him any help. Why? Because they don’t want to be kicked out the circle and say goodbye to the money train. Welcome to Hollywood.

  3. Where is his momma? We may not know the whole story, but he doesn’t look good. He looks sick and yes, he looks like he’s doing some kind of drug. Compare his face to how he looked when he was 19, and there’s a huge difference that can’t be blamed on aging. Something is going on. Instead of tweeting inspirational quotes all day, his mom needs to get him to take a break from the business for a year and get some help. It always starts off with the photos and speculation, they we all know what happens next. People need to learn from Whitney.

    1. Girl……….his moms has just as many issues as he does. This is why she enables him so much. If he doesn’t get someone in his corner soon who can stand up to him, he’s headed for destruction.

  4. SMH. Sad to see but this is what the business can do to people. Everyone needs real people around them or they wills self destruct. Karookoo is a pretty girl, but she doesn’t have a backbone. So she’s the type to sit and watch Chris self destruct as long as those gifts and trips keep coming in.

  5. Its probably stress damn y’all don’t have nothing to do but think the worst what need to br helped is black people taking advantage of food stamp like it’s cute ghetto hood boogers should be ashamed having all theses kids with no common sense im just saying

    1. I see your point Shanelle (not that crap about black people though). It could just be stress. Even if it is stress and not drugs, he still needs help. Stress kills too.

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