‘R&B Divas’ Nicci Gilbert Rumored to be Getting Kicked Off, TV One Claps Back

nicci gilbert fired

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Just a couple of episodes into the new reality television hit R&B Divas, and the rumors have already began. Usually a show must wrap up its first season before allegations of cast firings take place. but when it comes to TV One’s new hit show, I guess now is a better time than ever to begin the gossip about who’s a b-tch behind the scene and who’s not coming back next season. The unlucky person on the end of the latest gossip happens to be Nicci Gilbert, former front woman of R&B group, Brownstone.

Here’s the gossip:

Sources close to the show tell RadarOnline.com that the network is planning to drop Nicci, the former lead singer for Michael Jackson’s girl group Brownstone, from the show before they begin shooting the second season this fall.

“Despite doing interviews with her whole message of positivity, Nicci was a terror to work with on the show,” a source says. “Publicly, she says she wanted this show to be the anti- Housewives, but privately her actions made her a fit for Oxygen’s Bad Girls Club.”

Producers for R&B Divas have already begun courting a replacement for Gilbert in Grammy nominee Kelly Price. Kelly, a close friend of the late Whitney Houston and the last person to perform with Whitney two nights before she died, has apparently already met with producers about joining the cast.

Nicci is credited as a co-executive producer on Divas but our source says the network will “just pay her a producer credit and cancel her talent contract.”

TV One has responded to the rumors and released the following statement:

As the most watched original premiere in TV One’s history, the network is pleased with the cast and success of R&B Divas and has no plans to modify the show at this time. Co-executive producer and talented cast member Nicci Gilbert-Daniels has been and continues to be a model professional partner.


  1. Hmm…she does act like a b-tch on the show, and Kelly Price would be a good fit to the show. I know TV One denied it, but that generic response just sounds like they only put the statement out because they aren’t ready to tell Nicci she’s fired yet, and Kelly Price hasn’t finalized the deal yet. LOL.

  2. She is a bit much to take on the show. They may not be firing her, but I wouldn’t doubt that there may be some friction behind the scenes.

  3. These ladies can sing. But the show is rather dry and boring. I hate to say this but they need ratchetness to keep the show interesting.

  4. Its say to say but Nicci has some issues. I really liked Brownstone and to say that out of all of them, she has the most powerful voice. Why in the hell does she only want to sing background. Clearly she has some issues with singing.

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