Chris Lighty’s Wife Raises Eyebrows With Her First Interview Since Husband’s Suicide

By: A.J. Niles

Chris Lighty’s apparent suicide and the circumstances surrounding his death are a source for speculation and rumor. As we previously reported, Chris Lighty killed himself with a gunshot wound to the head. Apparently this occurred during an argument Chris was having with the mother of two of his six children and estranged wife, Veronica Lightly. Authorities ruled his death a suicide but family members are concerned this isn’t the case. Chris’ brother believes he was murdered and some people are even speculating that perhaps Veronica had something to do with it.

Well Veronica has finally spoken and has given her side of the story and she is refuting this speculation. And to many, she might just have confirmed that Chris Lighty was going through some serious issues that were more severe than financial woes and marriage problems. And for the conspiracy theorists and others who feel like foul play was involved, Veronica’s words might have confirmed some things, and some suggest the story is changing too much for comfort.

Here’s the report from NY Daily News:

In an emotional interview outside her Riverdale townhouse, Veronica Lighty blasted reports that her husband killed himself over an argument with her.

“My husband was too smart of a man. He was a genius. No smart man is going to leave his children for fighting with his wife,” she told the Daily News in her first public comments since the founder and chief of Violator Management took his life Thursday morning. “That makes absolutely no sense.

“We had a passionate relationship. We fought all the time,” she added.

Lighty, 44, the father of six children, shot himself to death behind his five-story townhouse.

Reports suggested Lighty — the longtime manager who worked with the likes of Mariah Carey, 50 Cent, Busta Rhymes, Diddy and Ja Rule — owed $5 million to the IRS and was heartbroken over his wife filing for divorce.

But Veronica Lighty, the mother of two of the hip-hop star’s children, said she and her husband had worked out their financial difficulties and that they were not getting a divorce.

“I had filed for divorce last year, but retracted it” two days before Father’s Day, she said. “That was my gift to him.”

She also noted that they had sold their Chelsea apartment for $5.6 million and moved to an equally luxurious Riverdale townhouse.

“We were not in debt $5 million,” she said.

The Associated Press reported Friday that Lighty had used the proceeds from the sale of the Chelsea apartment to pay off most of the IRS debt. But he still owed more than $330,000 in state and federal taxes, the AP reported.

And a bank sued him in April for being overdrawn by $53,584, the AP reported.

His widow would only say, “Chris had a lot of weight on his shoulders.”


As people attended Chris Lighty’s memorial services earlier this week, people continued to wonder if Veronica is being truthful, whether Chris was dealing with any serious mental issues or if Chris was a victim of foul play.



    1. You can’t really be mad at a woman for being a gold digger when men line up at the door to be with these kinds of women despite knowing what they are about. If she’s a gold digger, he knew, and married her anyway. No need to drag her because men seem to deep down inside love these kinds of women.

  1. So was he packing his stuff up to leave or not? I agree with others who feel like her side of the story keep changing too much. And if it’s not financial problems or marriage issues, what stress did he have? And why is withdrawing divorce papers a father’s day gift? This chick seems real shady.

  2. I don’t think she killed him. I think she’s saying it was something going on that Chris nor she wants the public to know. Looks like he got involved with some bad people. And they put him through it. And the suicide could have been what he felt would be the only way out, unless they murdered him.

  3. Anything is possible in this industry. The men and women are greedy and driven by money. We may never know what happened with Chris, sadly.

  4. This happened in New York and the investigation should have been tight. Women kill their husbands and get away with it unfortunately just like Arturo GATTI getting murdered in brazil by his wife of two years . It definitely sounds shady!!!! And she sounds just like Arturo Gatti’s stripper wife saying he beat himself up and then hung himself with her purse strap because he was upset over her !!!! What a joke!! That would have never happened but the media will spin it however they want but when you hear these shady money hungry pathetic women trying to plead their case, it’s obvious they are evil and lying!!! The more time that passes and investigations are not complete with forensics and emails and phone record retrieval capability, the harder it is to prove anything. Hopefully, this family will find peace, get answers and justice will be served. Let’s see how much money Veronica gets from this.

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