Club Onlooker Claims Chris Brown Was Drinking And Driving While on Probation

chris brown drinking and driving

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Chris Brown’s past with Rihanna may have opened him up to some legal troubles, and as a result, the R&B singer has been on probation since assaulting his former girlfriend. Along the way, he has had some more legal issues, with the latest involving a nasty club brawl with rapper Drake. The club brawl that Chris still claims he didn’t initiate may not have ended up violating his probation, but it did cause him and Drake to get sued for millions in damages. And since then, Chris has been rumored to be denied entrance to popular Hollywood nightclubs. But this past Labor Day, it appears that Chris might have done something to violate his probation and get him in some serious trouble.

The other day when Chris partied it up with Wiz Khalifa and Tyga, a bystander claims Chris made some terrible decisions for someone who’s currently on probation. This person claims the singer drank plenty of alcohol and even smoked a blunt before returning to his vehicle to drive himself home. And drinking under the influence isn’t only dangerous, but a probation violation that can get him in some serious trouble if he’s ever caught.

Here’s what they said went down:

I’m not one to talk sh-t on people but I don’t have a problem when it comes to Chris Brown. I saw Chris at the SuperClub in Hollywood on Labor Day where he was partying with Wiz Khalifa and Tyga.

Wiz and Chris were drinking Champagne and catching a buzz.

When it came time to leave Wiz had a driver take him out of there (like a smart person would do) while Chris got in the seat of his Lamborghini and decided it was no big deal to drive, even after he was drinking just before that.

As someone who’s lost friends due to drunk drivers I really hope Chris wasn’t above the limit like he appeared to be. He’s on probation and I know some terms make it illegal to drive after drinking ANY alcohol. He was also kickin it while Wiz was smoking a blunt which I’m pretty sure is illegal as well.

Here’s one of the pictures they snapped (shout out to Starz Uncut):


chris brown drinking before driving

Maybe Chris didn’t feel he drank enough to be incapable of driving, but if he’s not careful, he could definitely end up behind bars. Either way, we did hear he’s under some serious stress. Perhaps the drinking and excessive club hopping is his way of coping.


  1. I don’t doubt it. He has no one around him to tell him about himself. And his gf is probably his biggest enabler besides his mom.

  2. SMH. Sorry, but I don’t think he ever took his probation seriously. He went jet skiing after he kicked Rihanna’s a–. I mean seriously, this child is a lost cause. If the Rihanna thing didn’t humble him, I don’t think anything will. He’s talented, but he lacks humility. And that is his problem.

  3. Some people blame the whole Rihanna situation, but I blame his moms. I don’t think he was raised right. He’s very immature and spoiled. He never learned how to be a real man and it shows in the choices he makes now. He’s headed down a terrible path and his mom won’t tell him about himself to prevent his destruction. And I agree with the person who said Karrueche enables him, the only thing is everyone around him does.

    1. I agree with you 100% on this one. I think his Mom is the biggest issue in his life. But at some point, he has to take responsibility too. And he’s never learned how to do that. His mom stays on Twitter defending him and his actions. And that’s a big problem.

  4. This is probably true. This guy is sprialing out of control. As long as he has money and fame, no one is going to tell him to chill out. The people around him want those favors. And I do believe he’s on drugs too. It’s something worse than stress going on.

  5. Of course he did this. I don’t know what else Chris has to do before people get that he doesn’t give a f-ck. Seriously, he doesn’t. LLS.

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