Gossip: Are Rasheeda and Kirk Getting Their Own Spin Off Show?

kirk and rasheeda spin off show

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Is Rasheeda set to get her own spin off show with Kirk on VH1? As the first season of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta finally comes to a dramatic end, it’s clear that now the rumors of who’s expected to stay and be replaced next season would now become the topic of discussion. Although Rasheeda’s storyline originally was supposed to be centered around her and her marriage to her manager Kirk Frost, eventually her faltering relationship with costar K. Michelle became a big part of her role on the show and even on the blogs. After a failed attempt to be cool with both K. Michelle and Toya Wright became inevitable, Rasheeda and K. Michelle embarked on an epic beef that eventually ended up on their Twitter and Instagram accounts. And by the time the Reunion was filmed, the two almost came to blows, and Rasheeda received plenty of criticism for challenging K. Michelle’s claims of physical abuse from her ex boyfriend Memphitz. Many speculated that Rasheeda was using the K. Michelle storyline to secure her spot on season two of the series, but rumors suggest that she and Kirk may not be selected to return back to the franchise. None of this has been confirmed however, but the latest gossip suggests that she and Kirk might be getting their own spin off show that will focus on their marriage and the journey the two embark on to finally get Rasheeda’s music career to take off.

Interestingly enough, a recent tweet and picture from Rasheeda has only fueled those rumors more. Peep the tweet and the picture:

rasheeda and kirk spin off show

Again, nothing has been confirmed or denied as of yet. And the cast for next season still hasn’t been announced. But from this photo, Rasheeda isn’t doing much to shit down the rumors.

Will you be watching if Rasheeda and Kirk land their own spin off?


  1. Why would Mona give these two their own show when the rest of the cast is more compelling and interesting? I don’t get it. I hope this isn’t true.

  2. Yawn. I can’t stand Rasheeda. Next time she’ll mind her own damn business and stop going so hard for someone else’s husband, instead of her own.

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