Former Fan Accuses Joseline For Letting LHHATL Get to Her Head, Then Drags Her on Twitter

By: Taren Vaughan

Joseline Hernandez has definitely earned her title as a reality TV show star from her antics on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. We could always count on Joseline to hold no punches when it came to saying what was on her mind. And on the reunion show episodes, Joseline and Mimi had a few harsh words for each other, with much of their convo revolving around Stevie J. Joseline’s relationship with Stevie had viewers going as it got more twisted with every episode. Although her and Stevie J. have had their fall outs, it is almost a given that you can catch these two out and about together, doing interviews together, partying together and enjoying each other’s company. One of Joseline’s followers on Twitter  just so happened to spot the LHHATL star in the airport in Atlanta with Stevie J. And according to the follower, Joseline was not very pleasant to her and that Stevie was looking more like a sidekick than a pimp:

Of course Joseline peeped what the follower tweeted about her and wasted no time addressing her:

Joseline’s response gave the Twitter follower even more fuel to go in on her again:

The tweeter also said that Joseline need not forget where she was before all her Love and Hip Hop Atlanta fame:

Oh, and she gave Joseline’s fans a piece of her mind too:

The way Joseline sees it though, she has always kept a sense of humility even after she got her chance to shine:

Joseline added that a “Real” fan would have waited for her to finish eating to get a pic and that she is a human, not a robotic machine:

Joseline ended the tweef by shouting out her true fans as she headed off to the VMAs:

Clearly both Mimi and Joseline have no problem getting it poppin’ on Twitter from time to time.


  1. I’m not sure when these celebs will learn, but you don’t come to Hartsfield and get stank. We don’t play that around here. Atlanta fans are the most gutter. We’ll turn on you in a heartbeat. I remember when they embarrassed Keyshia Cole for that.

  2. These reality stars are the worst. I can’t believe Joseline is getting treated like a real celeb. Sad times we live in.

  3. Hmm…I hope Joseline wasn’t being rude. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was though. If you went from being a “regular” person to on TV and on the blog everyday in a few months, you might get cute in the airport too. LOL.

  4. I have met Joseline. She’s was a sweetheart when we met. I think people forget that celebs are human too. Sometimes they aren’t in the best mood, nor do they want to be approached all the time. Regardless, she needs to always be humble because her relevance can be taken away in a split second. Reality stars have a short life span in pop culture.

  5. LOL I’m sorry, I couldn’t get past the “stocking” sh-t either. She’s great on the show, but let’s not act like her career will last longer than the standard 15 minutes. Enjoy the “fans” while you have them Jose.

  6. I heard just about all of the LHHATL cast members let this show go to their heads, especially K. Michelle. She has been really rude to her fans as of late, from what I heard.

  7. fuk joesline she was poor an still is when i see ha uma spit on that b-tch aye joesline i got 20 n-ggas from tampa who wanna run the train on u… u bout that life h-e

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