Basketball Wives’ Kenya Bell Kicks Her Ex Husband’s Ass In Divorce Court

kenya bell divorce

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kenya Bell came busting on the Basketball Wives scene as an aspiring singer with an estranged NFL player husband. Since making a splash on the show, many have labeled Kenya as nothing short of crazy, so when news spread that Kenya had went after her ex with a box cutter, most people thought it made sense. Despite her beef with Evelyn on the show that ended in tossed wine bottles, off cameras Kenya was beefing with her estranged husband Charlie Bell. And although Charlie is said to have initially told the court that he has no money to spare or give Kenya for the divorce, it appears the court itself wasn’t buying it.

According to recent reports, Kenya is sitting pretty from the divorce:

Kenya Bell of Basketball Wives is no longer a basketball wife.

Not that the VH1 show ever lived up to its title (baby mamas is more like it), but now it’s even less so as Kenya’s marriage to Charlie Bell is now kaput.

The Bells were in a bitter battle over money, with him asking her for support (she’s the one getting paid now) and her looking for a cut of his savings.

A settlement was reached in which Charlie must pay $1,000 a month in child support, but they will share custody and neither will pay spousal support.

Charlie and Kenya Bell have two daughters together.

Kenya was awarded $780,000 from Charlie’s savings, leaving him with $656,000, along with half of the $670,000 he had saved in another account.

She also gets half of his NBA 401k plan, NBA retirement plan, NBA pension, NBA welfare plan and NBA benefit plan, plus one of their two homes.


    1. I actually think these men are terrible. Be faithful and you won’t get half your money taken. You don’t mess around and scorn a woman and walk away with all of your money.

  1. He’s cute. And yes she deserves HALF. She was his wife and he didn’t do what he needed to do. So the mof-cka needs to pay up. It’s cheaper to keep her. Hmph.

  2. Umm let’s not go there people. She was his wife. She held him down and had his babies. If they didn’t split up, she’d still be entitled to his bank account. They probably broke up because he cheated, but that doesn’t excuse him of his financial responsibilities…which is to take care of his kids and his wife. If you don’t want a woman to take half of your money, act right and honor your marriage so she won’t divorce you. Simple.

    1. \”When you go to a restaurant you\’re accustomed to eating. When you leave, you ain\’t eating no more. They don\’t owe you a STEAK!\” -Chris Rock.

      True he does have obligations to his CHILDREN. But she is NO LONGER his wife. His obligation to her should be over the minute she signs them divorce papers. So long as his kids are taken care of, that\’s all that matters. But if you leave. You leave with what you brought to the table. This is beyond stupid.

  3. The best revenge on man is always through his pockets. Nothing hurts more. That’s why Usher took his kids away from Tameka.

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