Exclusive: Jackie Christie Talks Representing for the ‘Real Basketball Wives’ & Upcoming Season 2 Drama

jackie christie interview basketball wives la

Interview By: Jason D. Perry

As the premiere of Season Two of Basketball Wives LA draws near, everyone is wondering what kind of drama to expect from the ladies this go round. And after all the ratchet television we’ve come to the love from the cast of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta, many are expecting nothing less than epic cat fights and mean girl antics. But Jackie Christie brings more to the table than just her marriage to retired NBA star Doug Christie, she actually has her own life and her own career. With a fashion line and other business ventures in the works, she’s proving that she’s not your average basketball wife. Her example of independence contradicts what we usually see from the Basketball Wives franchise.

Jackie takes a moment during her busy showing at New York Fashion Week to talk to us about what craziness to expect from Season Two of Basketball Wives LA, how she’s able to avoid the reality television curse and sustain her marriage despite being on the show, as well as how it feels to run her own fashion line.

Urban Belle: What about your husband made you decide to say yes to spending the rest of your life as Mrs.Christie?
Jackie Christie: He knows my personality and my heart, also family is something that’s very important to both of us and he’s my best friend, and we really had a great foundation.

Urban Belle: We saw last season that you were not afraid to speak your mind, so what are some things we can expect from you in the upcoming season?
Jackie Christie: It’s going to be high energy and high drama and also with giving away too much, some new faces are going to show up.

Urban Belle: When VH1 first approached you about being on Basketball Wives LA, why did you say yes?
Jackie Christie: Well I watched Miami, and felt it was a good opportunity to show the truth about being a basketball wife, and also I thought it would be a lot of fun.

Urban Belle: Which of the wives do you dislike the most?
Jackie Christie: Well I don’t dislike any of them, the question is which one of the dislike me the most.

Urban Belle: Which of the of the “wives” do you feel you relate to the most and why?
Jackie Christie: I would have to say Malaysia and Bambi, both of them are just straight up positive.

Urban Belle: Now in certain circles you are known as “Crazy Jackie.” Are people misinterpreting who you really are?
Jackie Christie: People are definitely misinterpreting who I am, other folks meet me and are pleasantly surprised that I am not mean and rude, so for the people who say that I am mean and crazy, I just don’t pay them any attention.

Urban Belle: Outside of all the media craziness, what’s on thing that can bring calm to the storm?
Jackie Christie: Writing books, doing fashion and I been making clothes since I was 3 years old, picking fabric and spending time with my family.

Urban Belle: We know that there is much more to you than being a basketball wife, you are quite an entrepreneur, we know that the Jackie Christie Collection spring/2013 will show on September 8th, 2012 at NY Fashion week, what are some things we can expect to see in this line?
Jackie Christie: You can expect to see a lot of color and high end couture

Urban Belle: Although you and your husband are very busy, you still make time to give back. What are some causes are near and dear to your hearts?
Jackie Christie: I would have to say our foundation Infinite Love, it’s an organization that helps single moms and provides clothing for families. Cancer research is also something that’s dear to me, because I lost both my mother and my father to cancer so that really means a lot to me. I also like Halle Berry’s foundation The Genesis Center; she remodeled some old apartments so that battered women who are in transition could live in them.

Urban Belle: You and Doug have a very special relationship, so much so that you renew your vows every single year, how do you feel that enhances your marriage throughout the year.
Jackie Christie: I do think it enhances it and we look forward to it every year, because if you’re planning a wedding you don’t have to time plan a divorce. We also had our wedding at club Eleven is West Hollywood, it’s a gay club. We felt it was important to support the gay community and bring attention to proposition 8.

Urban Belle: How do you and your husband plan to dodge the reality TV curse that most marriages go through?
Jackie Christie: By being true to who we are and not letting outside forces decide what our marriage should be, and also making sure that what’s being shown is really the truth about our marriage.

Urban Belle: Where can our readers go to learn more about the Jackie Christie brand and stay informed about your projects and business ventures?
Jackie Christie: Aww! Thank you, they can go to www.jackiechristie.com or follow me on twitter @JackieChristie and I will tweet back.

Season Two of Basketball Wives LA premieres tonight, 9/10 at 8/7c on VH1.


  1. “Well I watched Miami, and felt it was a good opportunity to show the truth about being a basketball wife” >>>> LOL at the shade.

  2. She’s got too much going on for her to be associated with Shaunie and this trash. I hope she realizes that very soon before her marriages ends. All these women seemed to be cursed by being on this show. How long does she think she’ll be the exception?

  3. She comes off quite impressive, but loses mad points for being on this show and associated with Shaunie’s bird a–. I really wish these women would just let reality tv die out. But hey, they need to feel important too I guess. Even Evelyn’s riding that whole head butting thing til the wheels fall off.

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