Gossip: Chris Lighty Had A Baby on the Way & Not By His Wife

chris lighty baby

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Did Chris Lighty have a baby on the way? Well according to reports, the Violator Management founder got a woman pregnant before the time of his death, and the woman is allegedly not his wife Veronica Lighty. Chris Lighty’s death in itself has been a mysterious circumstance for those close to Chris, as many who had close relationships with him find it hard to believe the music executive would commit suicide due to stress in his life. His own brother even revealed in an interview that he thinks Chris Lighty was murdered, and even his wife (who many suspect had something to do with Chris’ Death) admitted that she too felt like things about his death just weren’t adding up. There were many conflicting reports that alleged that Chris might have killed himself due to financial troubles, but his wife suggested not too long after that the couple had actually managed to overcome their financial difficulties. And when some blamed his suicide on the end of a faulty marriage, Veronica Lighty herself claimed the couple was not in the middle of a nasty divorce, and she had instead withdrew her divorce filing on Father’s Day as gift to Chris.

But now, there are new reports suggesting that Chris Lighty might have been stressed because he had a baby on the way, and the woman carrying his child is not Veronica. And according to the gossip, Veronica even knows about the baby. And some suggest that it’s this baby that caused more frustrations for their already broken marriage.

Here’s the report. And the young woman’s name was withheld by the writer purposely:

Chris Lighty was expecting a baby and it was not from his wife Veronica. Veronica was aware of the pregnancy and the other female. She didn’t want to see him happy. Their marriage was not repairable.

The female that is pregnant by the late Chris Lighty (name is withheld) but she works in the industry and is an assistant to another powerful hip hop mogul.

Now this rumor does contradict what Veronica said, which is that the two were repairing their marriage and he was madly in love and committed to her.

For now, we can only treat this as a rumor, since neither Veronica or anyone in Chris Lighty’s camp has confirmed or denied these allegations.


  1. Say it ain’t so…men in the industry do it all the time, so it’s plausible. This only makes Veronica look more like a suspect in his death though.

  2. If this is not true, the person who is spreading this rumor needs their a– kicked. You don’t play around with the dead. SMH.

  3. Damn. I can see it being true. But yeah, it does seem like Veronica is trying to cover something up. Regardless, everyone just needs to keep praying for him and his family. Life is tough and depression is no joke. We really don’t talk about it enough in the black community.

  4. Hmm I call BS. Veronica probably wants to make him look like the bad guy so people will stop giving her the damn side eye. I’m not saying he’s perfect, but it’s interesting that this comes out AFTER people start questioning Veronica’s innocence.

  5. I don’t put anything past anyone, but I too question the timing of this being leaked. And as self adsorbed as his wife seems, I see why people think she made this up and sent it to the blogs. She could be a mourning wife, but something just doesn’t seem right about her.

  6. I know everyone feels like his wife is the typical gold digger, but let’s not jump the gun and call her a murderer. If this is true, then Chris wasn’t be faithful to his wife. And that’s never acceptable, no matter how people feel about who he married.

    1. If you are using a man for money, don’t expect people to place you on a pedestal. Any woman that sees withdrawing divorce papers as a father’s day gift has questionable character. Veronica has made herself look bad.

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