Kanye West is Pissing off Kim Kardashian’s Parents

kris jenner and kanye

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kanye and Kris Jenner are rumored to have an interesting relationship. Since Kim and Kanye have gone public with their relationship, Kanye has pulled some interesting stunts that made people wonder if his relationship with Kim is just some twisted joke. Kanye and Kris Jenner probably would have an awkward relationship since Kris continues to witness her daughter be bossed around by Kanye continuously, from the clothes that she wears and even what her diet should consist of. Then there’s that whole “perfect b-tch” fiasco where Kanye basically called his own girlfriend a b-tch through song, but because he’s Kanye, he got annoyed when people considered it a diss and not a compliment. Since then, Kris Jenner and Kanye probably aren’t on the best of terms. And according to the latest gossip, Kris Jenner and Kanye have a pretty long way to go before she begins to approve of him and Kim’s relationship.

After Kanye was rumored to have used Kim Kardashian’s sex tape as a sexual stimulant for his sexual conquests with other women in the past, they say Kris Jenner was furious.

Here’s what they say about the current status of Kris Jenner and Kanye’s relationship:

Kris Jenner has told Kanye West to STOP talking about Kim Kardashian’s sex tape, RadarOnline.com is exclusively reporting.

The momager and matriarch of the Kardashian clan is fuming that the hip-hop star keeps bringing up her daughter’s revealing 2003 porno with ex-boyfriend Ray J because she thinks bragging about it is in bad taste and that Kim should be thought of for her many other accomplishments.

But Kanye, 35, is proud his girlfriend – and Kim is caught in the middle!

“Kris had stern words with Kanye when she saw that he said he would put Kim’s sex tape on while romping with other women, a source revealed.

“She thinks it’s a disrespectful claim and told Kanye to stop talking about it at every given opportunity.

The same source says Kris Jenner won’t be approving a marriage between Kanye and Kim if he keeps popping off and being disrespectful. But it’s not just Kris Jenner and Kanye who have an alleged dwindling relationship, they also say Kim’s stepfather Bruce Jenner can’t stand Kanye either. Here’s the report:

“Bruce didn’t like Kanye from the start. He thinks he’s crass and disrespectful,” a source has explained. In fact, Bruce Jenner thought Kanye was so disrespectful when he released the song “Perfect B*tch” and he was furious that Kanye would call one of his daughters such a name. “He told Kim she’d better take a serious look at all her failed relationships — and figure out why she keeps falling for the wrong type of guy,” reports the source. “Bruce said, ‘You’re never going to be in a successful relationship if you keep going out with men like Kanye!’”

With Kris Jenner and Kanye butting heads over what’s best for Kim’s career, some speculate it’s only a matter of time before it all hits the fan. It’s never a good sign when your parents don’t like your man.


  1. I don’t even like Kim’s whore a–, but I agree with her parents if this is true. He does treat her pretty bad. What man who has genuine love for his woman would refer to her as a perfect b-tch? It’s just ridiculous. I know Kim wants to be married, but she should really cut her losses and find someone else who is playing her every chance he gets. I still think her best match was Reggie.

    1. I think Kim knows Reggie was her real love too. That’s why she keeps trying to sell the public on how “long” she’s loved Kanye. We know better though.

  2. Her parents are right. Kanye is a jack a–. The way he treated Amber showed me then that he had some major issues. I can’t see why women still want to be with him at this point.

  3. I know that little rumor about him using her sex tape as foreplay can’t be true. We all know that tape was dry as hell. -_-

  4. LMAO see now that’s the realest her parents have ever been. Kanye is a creep and I can’t stand the way he treats women. Something tells me when the break up happens, the media is going to crucify him for how terrible he treated her. How do you tell a woman what to wear and what to eat? Sick.

  5. Yeah I agree with Kris and Bruce. It don’t take a rocket scientist to see how controlling he is. And apparently, he’s like that with all the chicks he dates. He really has some issues. But I wouldn’t be surprised if they are setting Kanye up to get destroyed by the media post the break up. Yall know how sneaky these people are.

  6. Oh here we go. Kim doesn’t care, so her parent’s shouldn’t either. It’s not like Kim has class, so why can’t he treat her like the trash she is?

  7. Kris Jenner needs to stop having her PR team keep the Kardashians in these blogs. These no talent hacks need to have several seats.

  8. Obvs Kim likes being controlled by Kanye. They are the perfect match, self centered, materialistic, douchey.If they want to be together let them be, they\’ll self destruct sooner than later.

  9. I find this hard to believe for the simple fact that Kris is a bigger attention whore than Kim. I don’t think she cares that Kanye is disrespecting her daughter, as long as Kim’s still making headlines. And I’m sure that was the whole point of their “relationship” anyway,

  10. Kanye West is not in love with Kim Kardashian. He has no real respect for her, every man on the planet wants a hooker that he can controll. Kris Jenner it\’s your fault you sold your daughter to the wrong one now.

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