Joseline Says Mimi is Weak And Stevie J. Ain’t Worried About Her

By: Taren Vaughan

Joseline Hernandez was definitely one of the most entertaining cast members of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. Since making her debut into the world of reality TV, Joseline has made her pockets fatter and gained thousands of fans on Twitter. Not everyone is feeling Joseline though as a former fan claimed that Joseline was rude to her in the airport in Atlanta and said that Joseline was starting to get the big head because of her LHHATL fame. Yet that hasn’t stopped Joseline from doing multiple interviews, one of which she did backstage with VH1 at the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion Show. After being asked about who she would love to collaborate with on a song, Joseline was asked about her status with Stevie J. And she responded by saying that their current relationship is strictly business:

“Stevie’s my friend, first and foremost. He’s my friend and he’s my manager and we work great together. I don’t know what’s going to happen with the personal lives that him and I had before. Right now we just working and you know we’re friends and trying to get past all the nonsense that we’ve been through. Stevie and I we are always going to be close and we are always going to work together and we aren’t going to give that up for anything.”

When asked about the alleged engagement between her and Stevie, Joseline said that that the true answer to that question will have to wait until next season, hinting that both her and Stevie will be back for a second round of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta:

“The engagement rumors! You better watch the second season, homegirl!”

Joseline made it clear on the reunion show that she didn’t have a problem with Mimi, even claiming that she loved her. And she confirms that yet again when asked about where she and Mimi stand, Joseline also adds that Mimi needs to go ahead and get used to her being around and stop being so ill about it:

“You know, Mimi’s Mimi. She’s going to always be there. She’s got to get used to me, that’s the problem. I’m cool with her, I ain’t got no beef with her. She got to stop being so mad and angry and get used to me, because she’s real mad and real angry. Let it go, you got to let it go.”

With that being said though, Joseline admits that she understands why Mimi feels the way that she does but says that she personally doesn’t spend much time dwelling on what Stevie does, something that Joseline accuses Mimi of doing and says that it is holding Mimi back from becoming a stronger person and doing better for herself:

“As a woman I definitely understand why she would be mad, but that’s why I do Stevie the way I do him. He’s going to do him. He don’t care about what nobody’s feeling. Stevie just want to get money and get paid, all the emotions got to go out the door. So she got to get stronger. But she can’t make herself better cause she so busy worrying about Stevie that she’s not growing and evolving. Everything is just Stevie, but what about what you doing? Because Stevie not worrying about you he got to do him.”

And the infamous naked pic tweet came up in conversation as Joseline revealed that she did it during a hectic time in her life. Plus, she was growing too tired of the rumors about her having a penis:

“At that time I was really stressed out. I was doing the show, I was trying to get my life together, I had a relationship with Stevie, so it was too much going on and that’s the only thing I needed was for someone to say I was a man. That s— drove me up the wall. I was like, hold up wait a minute; I’ve never had that happen to me. I was wrong for doing that. A lady doesn’t do that you know, but you got to live and learn so whatever it happened and it’s done. Everybody knows that I’m 100% f—ing woman and that what it is and we not going there no more, and whoever got something to say about it can kiss my a–s. I’m tired of entertaining that bulls— when they know damn well I’m a lady.”


  1. Joseline is still a bird, but what she said about Mimi is true. Mimi needs to capitalize off the show, and stop trying to make Stevie J. do something he doesn\’t want to do…commit!

  2. In my humble, Joseline isn’t any smarter than Mimi. As long as she keeps giving up the c–chie she’s just as stupid. If she was boss, she’d be able to have her career without sleeping with Stevie J.

  3. It’s sad that it only took Joseline 6 months to see that Stevie wasn’t going to change, and 15 years in, Mimi still hasn’t gotten that yet.

  4. Oh goodness. But I wish she would stop with the whole engagement thing, we all know they were never engaged. Just the thought of marriage would probably give Stevie J. a damn heart attack.

  5. I see things a little differently when it comes to Stevie/Joseline/Mimi. I think BOTH of these women are side chicks. And that’s because he’s not committed to either one. They are both stupid for allowing it, and Joseline’s talk of using him for work isn’t convincing. Women need to understand f-cking a man who’s not wanting marriage is a loss no matter how you try to twist it.

    1. This isn’t the 1930s though. Not all women want to get married. As long as a woman is only dating men who can and do respect her, that whole marriage thing is void. And that’s where Joseline and Mimi messed up. They’re boing a man who obviously doesn’t respect women. Him not wanting marriage isn’t the worst thing, but his hatred for women is the real problem.

  6. Joseline and Mimi are equally sad. The only difference is Joseline at least sees Stevie for who he really is. Joseline is young enough that she can eventually move on and get hers, but Mimi has already invested way too much time. This is why women shouldn’t hold on to broken relationships. It’s a huge waste of time.

  7. Mimi and Joseline are both on the slow side, but Mimi’s delusion takes the damn cake. I’m still baffled about how she tried to make her situation seem normal when she said everybody has been cheated on. Maybe, bit not everyone hangs on for 15 years, while their man keeps a jump off in plain view.

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