Gossip: Nas Wants to Be More Than Friends With Kelis, But She’s Not Having It

kelis and nas back together

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

For the last decade or so, Hip Hop’s royal couple has always been Jay-Z and Beyonce. No matter how people felt about the two together and separately, both have had their own successful careers for years, and they have also managed to maintain a private relationship that eventually led to marriage and daughter Blue Ivy Carter. But they weren’t always the only royal couple of Hip Hop. At one point of time, Nas and Kelis were on the list. After Nas saw Kelis in a music video and managed to meet her in person not too long after (he immediately began to track her down after seeing her on the video), Nas said he knew that Kelis would be his wife. And after what seemed like the fairytale wedding of Hip Hop, a few years later, the couple eventually crashed and burned. While no one really knew why initially, a few months ago while promoting his new album Life Is Good, Nas admitted that Kelis left him because not only were they fighting constantly, but Nas was also cheating. While the rapper says his cheating was only out of frustration and he still wanted to make the marriage work, Kelis left him and moved out; leaving only her green wedding dress behind (Kelis was pregnant at the time). And it’s these events that led to the Life Is Good album cover that featured Nas sitting down holding a green wedding dress.

Things got so messy between the two of them that Nas had to find out through a gossip blog that Kelis had gone into labor with their son Knight.

And the bad blood between the two has been evident ever since in interviews and Twitter rants, up until now.

Recently, the former couple was spotted together at a Anita Baker concert. After a fan of the two saw them and asked for a picture with Kelis, the fan sent a tip to the urban gossip blogs. Immediately, everyone began to speculate that the former couple had gotten back together. But after TMZ caught up Nas after the controversy of the two being spotted together on what looked like a date, Nas explained that they were not back together, but only working on their friendship for the sake of their son. He made it clear that there was no chance of them being together romantically ever again. But they both wanted friendship.

We have to admit, we were a little bummed to hear that, seeing as the two were so cute together. But one of our good friends in the industry says that it’s more to the story than what’s being reported. They informed us that Nas allegedly does indeed want to work things out with Kelis romantically. He’s still very much in love with her and has made his feelings clear to Kelis. But Kelis is the one who is against getting back together with Nas because she can’t get over him cheating on her. So Nas has settled for a friendship for their son’s sake, but he’s still hanging on to hope that Kelis will change her mind the more the two spend time together and actually don’t argue.

Regardless, we wish these two the best of luck.


  1. I loved them together, but I understand where Kelis is coming from. She’s a Leo like me and we don’t play about loyalty. When you cheat on us, that’s usually it. It’s damn near impossible for our arrogant a–es to get over it.

  2. Love Nas but he was dead wrong for cheating. And then the he had the nerve to say he did it out of frustration. That was really immature of him. When there’s a problem in your marriage, you talk about it and work it out, not sleep around.

  3. I’m still rooting for these two. I think there was real love there but BOTH were too immature at the time to make it work. But if they are being mature now and being friends for the kid, I think that shows growth.

  4. Yeah not every woman can turn the other cheek when she’s been cheated on. I’m like that too. No matter how much I care about you, if I know you cheated, and the back of my mind, you’re always be a cheater. The trust would be forever gone.

  5. Man these two were on my favorite couples. But marriage is hard, but when you bring cheating into your marriage, it gets even harder.

  6. Nas is a whore. He cheated on her and didn’t she’d leave him like most dogs. I’m glad she knows better than to take him back. Shame on yall for wanting a woman to take back a man who wasn’t faithful to her.

  7. I cannot stand a man like Nas. He took her for granted and now that she left, he is begging for her back. If you did not cheat, u’d have her.

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