Was Chad Johnson Busted For Faking Like He Still Cares About Evelyn?

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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Chad Johnson has been making it clear to the public since the night he was arrested for head butting estranged wife Evelyn Lozada that he still loves her and he feels absolutely terrible about the events that transpired when the two got into a heated argument of a receipt for a box of condoms. Unfortunately for Chad, not even his continued demonstrations of his love for Evelyn or that pesky tattoo he got of her face on his right leg would be enough to stop Evelyn Lozada from filing for divorce from the former NFL star. As we recently reported, it was revealed to the press that Chad was unwilling to accept that Evelyn was truly done with the marriage, so much so that he refused to sign the divorce papers she filed last month.

And even on his Twitter account he made it clear just the other day that he doesn’t want people to keep saying that Evelyn ruined his life.

Welp, according to the latest gossip, that was all nothing but an act. In fact, they say Chad is only pulling strings to keep most of the public from hating him so badly that another shot at the NFL will never happen.

Yesterday, Chad Johnson was supposed to appear to court and answer to the misdemeanor charge. Well according to the latest gossip, Chad never showed up. Despite tweeting about how nervous he was about going to court yesterday morning, he didn’t go and his attorney showed up alone instead. Why? Well allegedly he decided to just hang out with one of his mistresses. The report:

Just last week, former NFL football star and full-time philanderer Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson appeared willing to do anything to let Evelyn Lozada know that he wanted to save their marriage, but it appears that a sleepover with his mistress helped change his mind on that score, RadarOnline.com is exclusively reporting.

As previously reported, Johnson was spotted in Miami last week wearing a shirt reading “I just want to love you,” a message to his estranged wife, and when that didn’t work, Johnson went so far as to tattoo her face onto his calf.

But it appears that all of his grand romantic gestures were for nothing, and on Thursday Johnson finally threw in the matrimonial towel and officially filed his divorce papers.

So, what changed his mind? Perhaps a passionate sleepover with his mistress!

According to an eyewitness, a red Volkswagen complete with a Miami sticker on it was parked overnight outside the home Johnson shared with Lozada, who has still to remove her clothes and belongings from the property.

The car belongs to Bianca Zuluaga, the woman Radar exclusively reported to be Johnson’s mistress, and is registered in Zuluaga’s mother’s name.

According to Johnson’s own Twitter page, he was due in court Thursday morning, but as it turns out, decided not to show up, choosing instead to spend the morning with Zuluaga first at his home, then headed out for some breakfast at Johnson’s beloved IHOP.

Zuluaga, who refers to Johnson as “Chocolate” confirmed this on her own twitter page, first tweeting “You know you’re a chocolate addict when you ate some last night, and eat some as soon as you wake up in the morning.”

Then later, tweeting “iHop with my lover… yummm fattening.”

And just because you’ll be asking us for more receipts, a local news station confirmed that Chad did NOT show up to court yesterday:

Former Miami Dolphins wide receiver Chad Johnson issued a plea of not guilty to a domestic battery charge.

Johnson was not in court on Thursday morning for his arraignment but a written plea of not guilty was submitted.



  1. Really Chad? What a piece of sh-t. And after all he’s been through, he is still chasing these Beckies. And she obviously doesn’t care about him either because she keeps running to the press. Chad has to be the dumbest man on the planet right now.

  2. Umm wow. Well, can’t say I’m shocked or that this can’t possibly be true. Any man that head butts a woman is susceptible to do more despicable things.

  3. I just do not see what the big deal about this is. He filed his own paperwork for a divorce and they are not living together. In fact, i think they only got married for the reality show. It was a marriage of convenience and money not love.

  4. Not cool. If this is true, I can see why Evelyn isn’t wanting to work things out. He just doesn’t care and wants to do what he wants . You can’t marry, let alone date anyone like that.

  5. LOL what a douche bag. I was really thinking his feelings were sincere. Good for Evelyn for not falling for it and moving on this time.

  6. Unfortunately some men believe they can “love” a woman while screwing another (I don’t agree, sadly some women are dumb enough to agree). A woman has to be smart enough not to marry a man that shares this sentiment.

    1. So true! I think a lot of women need to believe that BS because it hurts more to acknowledge that someone they loved never loved them back.

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