Marsha Ambrosius Gets Called a Sellout By Floetry Member Natalie “The Floacist”

By: A.J. Niles

Ever wonder what happened to Floetry? Well the R&B/Neo Soul duo broke up over 6 years ago to the vast disappointment of their fans. In that time as the reason of the break up was not clear, Marsha Ambrosius found success as a solo artist as a go to person for hooks and had a debut solo album charting at number two on the Billboard 200 album charts. Her former bandmate Natalie “The Floacist” however, has not seen the success that Marsha has seen. Natalie never spoke about why the group broke up while Marsha has been quite vocal about it over the years, citing Natalie struggling in her personal life and lost her desire to create music.

Well The Floacist finally broke her silence and tells a slightly different story from Marsha’s as she releases a new single as Floetry.

“This is the first Floetry album, after a six year split, and Marsha has been doing a lot of excessive talking during that time, all of which has gone unanswered by myself. My silence could have been confusing to the fans, so I wanted to address the split, at the right time, in the correct medium,” explains The Floacist on her brand new track “Soul.”

“…Marsha left Floetry, after so much joint success and foundation building, to join Aftermath Records, with no assurance of an album release. Ultimately, holding Floetry to ransom, to pursue a possibility of ‘mainstream’ success and all that was gained, was whatever they would’ve put into her pocket, and a mixtape release entitled ‘Neo Soul is Dead’. This to me is the perfect example of someone selling out, or selling their soul.”

Natalie “The Floacist” and Marsha Ambrosious were supposedly considering a reunion of sorts in 2010 but as of now, that is not the case.



  1. Damn. Say it ain’t so Marsha. Money talks and after a while, even your passion has to start paying the bills. Marsha’s went on to success since leaving and yeah, the kind of music they sang together isn’t in high demand anymore. I’ll still support them both.

  2. They were such a good group. It’s such a damn shame that the industry has resulted into artists having to become false copies of themselves to be successful. Yeah, Marsha’s music now is very different than what it was when she was in Floetry, but how else would she have survived the end of Neo Soul’s relevance? Hell, even R&B is on its way out.

  3. Someone is very jealous. Music is still about making money. The industry is still ran like a business. Marsha did what she had to do to survive. And old girl here is a crab. End of story.

  4. This was my group back in the day. I do think that Marsha sold out doing songs with all those whack rappers and singing about ballers and ish.

  5. Despite the fact that the music industry is shady, Marsha should have done the right thing. These two are friends. Can’t support this.

  6. People always get mad when there is money to be made and they are on the opposite end of that deal. I support both in that group and wish them both well. Nothing lasts forever.Making money isn’t being a sell out, it’s called good networking, smart moves and big returns. She’ll figure it out soon that at the end of the day, you can only take care of you and no one else.

  7. Its funny how people are so quick to believe everything they see and hear. There are three people who ultimately know what lead to tge group’s demise, Marsha, this chick and God. If Marsha did leave for money I personally dont see the priblem with that. Most times when someone leaves a group to pursue a solo career and achieves great success the one left behind is bitter. That could very well be the case. Who knows. I wish them both success in their future endeavors..

  8. I watched Floetry when they first came out and to see them in concert was awesome. Now, they was never lover and the floacist was dating her boyfriend back in the floetry days in which this is her husband now. I still think it\’s more to this story. I don’t think Marsha and The Floacist was getting along to good toward the end 2006

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