Gossip: Is Another Man Wooing Chris Brown’s Girlfriend Karrueche Tran?

karrueche tran new boyfriend

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

With such a tragic ending to what seemed like the perfect celebrity love affair, it’s obvious that rumors of Chris Brown and Rihanna getting back together will never completely cease to exist. And no, it doesn’t matter if the two move on to publicly date other people, like the time Rihanna dated baseball player Matt Kemp, or Chris Brown’s current relationship with up and coming model Karrueche Tran. Although the two have been together for over a year, there are always reports of him leaving Tran for his old teenage love Rihanna. And like clockwork, just days after all those reports, the two will be seen traveling together or even enjoying Hollywood nightlife together, with no signs of relationship problems.

Despite that, the recent 2012 VMAs proved to be another wedge in the couple’s relationship when Chris and Rihanna were caught on the live stream sharing a quick embrace and a kiss on the cheek. Although those that were there admit the encounter look purely friendly and congratulatory (Rihanna had just one an award), many headlines read that the two were officially back together and kissed on the lips to show the public that their romance had been rekindled.

Then following those reports, it was said that Karrueche Tran was distraught. And also it was reported that due to the events of the VMAs, the couple had decided to go their separate ways, and Chrihanna was back in full effect.

Of course, as we recently reported, those reports were not true.

Well now the latest gossip about these two (Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran) involve a new man allegedly pursuing the up and coming model despite her very public relationship with Chris Brown.

And according to the gossip tidbits, he’s very interested in Karrueche and feels he could treat her better than Chris has.

Here’s the picture that started those rumors:

karrueche tran new boo

We saw the tweet when she posted it, and we have to admit, we thought nothing about it. But regardless, the rumors began suggesting that Karrueche has moved on from Chris Brown and this was her new man.

Welp, not too long after the reports began to travel to the different gossip sites, some friends of the mystery man finally explained the nature of his relationship with Karrueche.

 Here’s what they told the Hollywood Life:

A friend of the mystery man tells HollywoodLife.com exclusively, “Deron ‘Lavar’ Cole is just friends with Karrueche. I can assure you 100 percent that they aren’t dating or anything like that. Deron thinks Karrueche is a dope girl and they have fun together.” “The picture that Karrueche put on her Twitter page was taken at a club a couple of days ago,” the friend said.

Makes sense. We thought it was innocent, especially since Chris and Karrueche are still very much a couple.

In related news, Chris and Karrueche (together), and Rihanna were all spotted by the paps partying a few doors down from one another the other night:


  1. I know this is off topic, but I just love short hair on Rihanna. She rocks it so well and it looks better on her than the long hair. I always thought she was gorgeous with short, black hair.

    Back on topic, I really think Chris is grown enough to be with who he wants. He seems happy where he is.

  2. I get that he’s still with Kae, but why in the hell do all 3 of them have to keep partying so close to one another? I know people keep hyping up Chris and Rih getting back together, but I’m starting to think Rih’s the one purposely going to where Chris is. I can’t see him feeling the need to do it, but I can see Rih being in her emotions and doing it.

    1. I’m from Cali, and they go to the same clubs because those are the exclusive clubs that all the celebs want to be seen in. It’s not the conspiracy theories that you guys are suggesting. Why is it so hard to believe that Chris is happy without being with Rihanna. Stop the fairytales. He doesn’t want her back.

    1. You really shouldn’t believe everything you read about Chris and RIhanna on the blogs. You’d be surprised about how untrue most of it is. He’s not dating Rihanna. Yall need to let that go. smh.

    2. You Chrihanna fans are being silly. Of course he left Rihanna and he is with Kae. It’s not some cover up relationship like yall wish it was. He’s finally got a chick who is secure enough with herself to be with him. As famous and pretty as Rihanna is, she’s real insecure. That led to a lot of fights between her and Chris. And one of those fights led to him punching her in the face, and then the breakup. There’s a reason why Chris is telling all his friends that Kae is dope. No matter what yall write about her on the blogs or even the rumors of him getting back with Rihanna, this chick is not phased, AT ALL. And that’s what is getting to Rihanna. If yall only knew! smh!

  3. If Chris wanted Rihanna so bad, why isn’t he with her? I mean seriously, you can’t say it’s because of the public anymore because people don’t really care like they did when it first happened. Hell, most of Rihanna’s fans want her with Chris and vice versa. So then why are they not together? I want a real answer because these conspiracy theories everyone has aren’t adding up. And I don’t think he wants to be with Rihanna. She’s jocks him and he pays her no attention. She needs to move on.

    1. You make very good points. I think people want them back together because they had that “cute” factor. They were both young, famous, and it just looked like the ind of relationship everyone wish they could have. It ended tragically, but deep down inside people wish they could make it work again. But I believe that people need to make their own choices. If he’s still with Kae, then that’s where he wants to be. Period.

  4. I’m not sure why people want two people together who obviously had a physically abusive relationship. It’s stupid to me. They didn’t have a healthy relationship, so what the hell are some of yall rooting for exactly? I don’t know much about Karrueche, but he hasn’t hit her in the face, so let them be. And the only trouble he’s ever been in always involves Rihanna. Even that whole Drake thing. Hell no, he doesn’t need to get back with her. He’ll be in all kinds of trouble of he does. Some relationships are just too toxic to ever work.

  5. I honestly feel like Rihanna is the one playing herself. She’s always tweeting and doing little things on Instagram to get Chris’ attention and he says and does nothing. He doesn’t talk about her in interviews, he didn’t walk up to her at the VMAs to hug her…then he’s still dating this Kookakoo girl. To me Rihanna seems like she is desperate. And the only reason she’s getting a pass is because she’s famous. If she was a normal chick, people would be calling her out for this. Just sayin.

  6. I personally believe this is all part of a publicity stunt. I’m not sure on whose end exactly, but Rihanna for sure isn’t doing anything new musically and Chris gets a good feature in here and there to keep him in the public eye outside of the Chrianna madness. The only thing these rumors are doing is keeping them relevant when they would be otherwise forgotten about. Rihanna’s career has become her twitter and instagram accounts; all of which are somehow misconstrued to subliminally involve Chris or Karrueche (that’s a hard name to spell btw). The mission has already been accomplished because they stay in the blogs….and for what? PR’s, lawyers, and politicians are some of the hardest people to trust lol.

  7. K is a beautiful girl and Im not knocking her. These arent rumors, these are facts that him and rhianna sneak around to see each other. Somebody is snappin pictures, they have been together numerous times after the incident. They attended a “mutual” friends party on a boat, they attended a football celebration at Jay Z 40/40 club together, etc…He’e with K no doubt and he may love her but the boy is in love with Rhianna. There making bday cake together…listen to the lyrics their love is in the music, we have the footage from the VMA’s that has leaked what else is needed. K should be SECURE about who she is, her beauty is inside and out and I like her too. Chris and Rhianna ended horribly but their story got attn because there famous. S**T happens everyday in the hood!

    1. No beef, but again, those are not facts. I’m not going to get too deep into this, but just know that these blogs and sites make up lies about those two “sneaking around” all the time FOR HITS. People lie about “sources” all the time. They write based on your emotions, Anything to get that blog/site money. They don’t get paid unless you read it. The truth is there really is no way for a celeb to sneak around without being photographed. Trust me, I work in the business. Hell, Rihanna was just photographed a few hours ago while she just put on her makeup. They know where those two are all the time. There’s no way these two would sneak around and someone wouldn’t have a photo to back it up. There are absolutely no photos of them together, except that VMA “kiss.” And you can clearly see like it was already stated that Rihanna walked up to him. He quickly gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. It was NOT that serious to Chris or Kae. I promise you neither one of them saw the big deal except Rihanna. One day you will all see that Rihanna is not as desired by Chris as you all think. And besides, you mean to tell me that these two are sneaking around but no one snapped a picture? It doesn’t work like that in Hollywood. Sorry hon, but you’ve been duped. He’s with Kae and that is the facts. And they are together all the time. Let me know when he has time to creep with Rihanna please? And yes, Kae is more secure than Rihanna. It’s obvious. If you people only knew the truth. Smh.

      1. I’m definitely wanting Chris and Rih to reunite, but I have to agree with some of the things you said. After all these rumors of these two creeping, no one ever posted a photo. And after a while, I just started to think people are lying. You’re right, if someone really did have pictures of them together and sneaking around, they would have been purchased and posted everywhere by now. The blogs would be all over it. IJS. But anyway, I do think they talk all the time. Now that is more believable.

      2. Ok I do agree now about the pictures not being posted now that I sit and think about it. I havent seen any pics but Im always reading a story!

  8. The day they met at a “mutual” friends party on the boat Karreuche wasnt with him…she flew in the next day!
    They wont ever get back together publicy because the critics will tear them apart. Rhianna knows he is with K but I dont think she has accepted it. Is it so wrong that she still loves him? They were young and in love. I do believe alot she is doing is to get his attn but we are all on the outside looking in. They are the only ones who knows what is really going on. Honestly Chris doesnt need to be with anybody because right now he is a walking time bomb. He’s need to get his life in order and back on track. I hope it all works out for the 3 of them #TeamBreezy!

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