Gossip: Is Michael Strahan A Woman Beater?

michael strahan abuse wife

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Michael Strahan should be in a happy place in his life. He recently landed a gig of a lifetime as the new co-host on Live!, he’s engaged to Nicole Murphy (who’s currently a reality television star on VH1’s Hollywood Exes), and he still gets to talk sports since he regularly can be seen on FOX discussing the latest hot topics and stats of the NFL on NFL Sunday. He also had a pretty solid career as a professionally athlete himself, and retired on a pretty positive note from the New York Giants. But despite all the great things he’s had happen to him over the last few years. it appears that a little controversy is getting ready to follow him right into his recent success.

According to the latest gossip,  the tabloids have gotten hold to an explosive story regarding Michael Strahan’s ex wife’s past with the former football player. And according to the court documents, his former wife claims that Michael Strahan allegedly abused her while the were dating.

In recent documents obtained by the National Enquirer, she states that Michael Strahan cheated on and would beat up on her so severely, that he even injured some of her organs.

Here’s the report:

MICHAEL STRAHAN – the ex-NFL hero who replaced REGIS PHILBIN on “Live!” – is hiding an ugly past. According to his ex-wife’s shocking testimony dur­ing a court hearing, the gap-toothed gridiron great cheated on her and beat her repeatedly, breaking her nose and blackening her eyes.

The 6-foot-5, 255-pound former New York Giants star once punched her full in the face with his balled fist, Jean Strahan testified, and another time he pummeled her so violently that her kidneys were damaged to the point that she urinated blood! The judge hearing the complaint dismissed the claims against Strahan made by his then-wife.

We do want to note, again, that these claims were dismissed by the judge. The timing of all of this coming out is also very questionable. It also appears that his wife made what some perceived as outlandish claims as the two went through their divorce:

Now 40, Strahan married Jean, his second wife, in 1999.

They were thought to have an ideal marriage until she hit him with a slew of sensational claims in their bitter 2005 divorce battle.

Micheal Strahan has not yet spoken out against the allegations, and the source is The National Enquirer, so we’re still treating this a gossip. Not to mention, these said claims were dismissed in court years ago.


  1. You know what, I’m not going to dismiss this just yet. For 2 reasons. One: a lot of athletes are abusive to their wives. Two: dude got busted a few years ago for putting a tracking device underneath Nicole Murphy’s car. I knew then that his a– could go ham at any time. Just sayin.

    1. LMAO I remember that! Yeah, he definitely crazy enough to be abusive too. And Nicole probably doesn’t care as long as he still makes money.

    2. LOL oh yeah, he’s definitely on the crazy side for that one. But I think they say he did it because he had already caught Nicole cheating on him once before. Those two are nuts.

  2. Well it was probably dismissed because it wasn’t true. But then again, if the abuse happened before they got married, it’s kind of hard for a woman to prove that years later if she didn’t take pictures or file a police report.

  3. I googled that bish. She’s a becky, so she’s most likely lying. You know they love to take a black man’s money and then ruin hi, afterwards. Yet, black men stay praising white women. Go figure.

  4. I hope this isn’t true. I saw a blind item on one of those blind item blogs that said a black celeb couple would be exposed, since the man’s abusive past would be revealed to the press. Now I’m thinking that it was about these two. Sad.

  5. Anything is possible. I don’t put anything past anyone, but his wife seems like a vindictive gold digger, and there’s probably a good reason her allegations were dismissed years ago. And the good reason is her a– is lying.

  6. Oh wow. I would have never guessed it. I hope this isn’t true because if so, he’d be a very viscous and evil man. To be a woman to the point that you mess up her kidneys is sickening. If this gets picked up by enough blogs, his career will be tarnished.

  7. Say it ain’t so! Damn! Why are these football players so bat sh-t crazy?! Just the other day, one of them got arrested for choking his baby momma while she held their baby in her arms. These dudes have issues.

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