Writer Calls Chris Brown A ‘Stupid, Violent Child With Minor Talent’

By: Taren Vaughan

Chris Brown’s new neck tattoo has stirred up many questions, controversy and rumors. One of the biggest ones that came about was that the singer’s latest tattoo was one of his ex girlfriend Rihanna as numerous people claimed that the woman tatted on Chris’ neck highly resembled the Bajan pop star. Despite the thoughts of others who peeped the tat, the claim was one that Rihanna supposedly thought was rather stupid. Nonetheless, once people caught a glimpse of Chris’ new body art, they expressed their anger about it through the social media outlets as the woman in the tattoo also resembled a battered female. Chris Brown is already on his new neighbors’ bad side as they have complained about Chris’ loud party habits, something that supposedly pissed off his former neighbors too. Now his new tat is bringing out the ugly side of people, even though Chris Brown said that the tattoo is a reflection of a piece of artwork and not of Rihanna.

Here is the artwork that Chris claims his tattoo is supposed to represent:


However, one writer by the name of The Coquette wasn’t buying Chris’ explanation of his tattoo. And she pure dragged Chris like nobody’s business, giving “Unsolicited Advice” on The Daily over the tat and his abusive past, music and behavior:


Team Breezy came after her about her letter as expected. Yet Coquette still can’t understand why people are so pressed to defend Chris Brown and that those who do support him need to off themselves:


Chris Brown may have won back some of his supporters over the years through his public apologies and has managed to still have a rather large fan base. But it’s obvious that he continues to piss people off pretty well at the same time.

Was she too harsh? What do you think?


  1. This chick needs to get laid and get a damn life. People make mistakes and bad ones at that. And by the looks of her past writings, she’s not that great of a person either. Difference is people have decided to forgive her terrible tries at being a witty writer. So she should do the same.

  2. It’s real easy to sit on a pedestal behind the computer screen. I can’t stand these judgmental writers and bloggers. Who the hell are they to say whether or not someone deserves forgiveness?! They are not God.

  3. This is a bit over the top but unfortunately, Chris will have to deal with this kind of hatred for the rest of his life. He just has to get to a point where it doesn’t affect him.

  4. The first part of the letter is hard to get through. It’s like you relive that day you heard for the first time what he did to Rihanna that night in the car. I can’t even get over the fact that he left her there, by herself on the side of the road crying after the fact. I like Chris, but what he did can never be made to be small. It was no small feat and never will be.

  5. My goodness she went in…hard. But her angry is misplaced. Here’s the problem. If the victim is over it and wants this damn man back, the outrage she has unnecessary. You shouldn’t be more angry than the victim is. It’s time for everyone to move on, especially if Rihanna wants him back anyway.

  6. Someone has too much time on their hands. This happened a few years ago. He went to counseling, he’s doing community service, and he’s minding his own business. He even has another girlfriend who he hasn’t hit. Let this child live and move the hell on. People make mistakes, but it just sucks that we live in a country where people are hell bent on not letting you forget them.

  7. So people should kill themselves for telling her this was too extreme? People like this are the part of the problem NOW. No one is excusing Chris for what he did, but we’re just supposed to hate him for the rest of his life because of it? That doesn’t make any sense. People could hate her for the rest of her life for writing angry “article.” Judgmental people are the worst.

    1. Actually, the tattoo looks exactly like the drawing. Don’t drink the media’s koolaid my dear. I don’t even do Breezy, but he’s definitely being thrown under a bus on this one. That is NOT Rihanna.

  8. What a surprise, another perfect person who moonlights as a “writer.” The internet is full of these kinds of people. Who cares? She’ll get her little hits and go back to her miserable life right after people sop giving a f-ck about this article.

  9. I’m glad she wrote this. People have forgotten too quickly what this man did a few years ago. A few horribly written and performed songs won’t change that.

  10. Why should we even care what Chris and Rihanna do in their personal lives? Chris beating on women has not bearing on how I am in my relationships with women. In fact, are we not supposed to forgive others for bad things they may have done? And who is to say that Rihanna never hit him first?

    We take musicians and celebrities way too seriously in America and no they are not role-models. they are entertainers that help us escape our realities.

  11. The writer needs to win an award for this eloquently written call out! Chris Brown should not be a celebrity. He needs to be somewhere back in the back woods of Virginia with his ratchet momma in school learning how to become a man and a productive member of society. We do not need his bubble gum music.

  12. Anyone That Has Never Made A Mistake Please Stand up….. She’d Be Singing Another tune if it was a family member. Some of y’all are so quick to judge, Wait Your Turn is coming

    1. What he did wasn’t a mistake..a mistake is when you are driving and you make a wrong turn what he did was very grave indeed…

  13. yppu people are disgusting you will troll down your president for saying that Beyonce is a good role model for is children, and she is ….but and you will defend a woman beater..for me doesn’t matter that Riri forgave him, he still a woman beater, always will be…bless you The Coquette..this why I think there is no hope for the human race, Chris Brown is human like everybody else, just cuz he is famous and has money, doesn’t mean the rules don’t apply to him..if it was your sister, mother, friend that was beaten this away would you still defend the woman beater..I don’t think so…….sometimes I think the youth of today is getting dumber: you like a put in a pedestral untalent people….would you defend a family member like this?May God help you all

    1. Umm sweetheart, are you really going to start your comment off by making gross generalizations about the people who comment on this site? I’d have to say I rarely have seen any comments bashing the president on here. And also, most people believe what Chris Brown did was wrong. Now the division seems to come into play on whether or not he should be forgiven. The person who wrote this letter was hateful. And if she’s mad at Chris for being an angry person who hit his girlfriend, to write a letter in such an angry tone makes her seem like a hypocrite. Now I have had people close to get hit by men they love. And I didn’t make excuses for them, but I refuse to spend the rest of my life hating a person. That is not what I’m about nor does it line up with who God is. If people don’t want to hate Chris Brown, you shouldn’t find a problem in that, you should be thankful that there’s still some trace of goodness in people that they understand that hate is never the answer. And yes, hitting a woman is wrong, if he’s trying to do something better in his life, why keep holding this over his head? Show some compassion, one day you’re going to be the person who did the wrong thing. And you better hope that the people who find out about it aren’t like the person who wrote this letter. Trust me.

  14. Ouch! This letter did something to my soul! I still see Chris as a little boy in a mans body. Those tattoos are atrocious and I think he needs to chill out, go back to school or something. Humble himself. I also feel that Rihanna should feel like isht too after reading this letter..

  15. If we could take the time and define the word mistake. It goes “to move unsteadily or confusedly in the choice of” now if someone rapes you out of frustration that could be classified as a mistake. If someone were to kill your close family member or love one out of passion and/or rage that could be classified as a mistake. Then all can be forgiven right? Due to the fact, that by everyone’s arguments we make mistakes and mistakes are meant to be forgiven easily. Not so fast I think the general problem is people are not using the correct term concerning Chris Brown. He bludgeoned her consciously. Some people’s subconscious are rejecting the word mistake because in truth it was not a mistake. If he would have closed her finger in the door without any motives that would be a mistake and all would be well. So if everyone could come to a consensus and call it what it was, a senseless crime of assault then I believe we could all move forward.

  16. If any of you on here are Christians, you need to be real careful about trying to prove why Chris should not be forgiven. That goes against the teachings of the Bible. Yes, what he did was wrong. But for you people on here coming up with all the reasons this man should not be forgiven are just as disturbing as the people who feel like what he did was not wrong at all. You can say it was a mistake or that it wasn’t a mistake, but yes, if you’re a followers of God then yes, you must forgive him and allow him to move on. Now if you’re an atheist like this writer (and that explains everything about this letter), then you’ll be hateful to someone who did something that doesn’t even directly affect YOU. Everyone needs to move on. It’s the RIGHT thing to do.

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