Bobbi Kristina’s Alleged Boyfriend Nick Gordon Wants You to Know He’s A Gun Owner

bobbi kristina and nick gordon gun

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Ever since her mother Whitney Houston passed away earlier this year, Bobbi Kristina’s relationship with her God brother Nick Gordon has made headlines. One of the reasons why their relationship has been such a controversial one is that people aren’t quite sure what the true nature of it is. One minute the two appear to be dating, even holding hands in photos, taking romantic vacations together and even getting matching tattoos. The next minute, both deny any romance and their spokesperson even claims that Gordon is not Bobby Kristina’s boyfriend. Regardless, both continue to be watched and there are even allegations that they are in the middle of filming their own reality show. But now, Nick Gordon is making headlines, not just because of his relationship with Bobbi Kristina, but also for a rather interesting photo he tweeted of himself the other day.

nick gordon gun twitter

While we’re not sure why he would take a picture of himself driving with one hand on the steering wheel and the other holding a gun to his head (besides for some attention), the spokesperson for both Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon has refused to comment on the controversial picture. Per The Daily Mail:

While his face is obscured by the gun a tattoo on his forearm, a Chinese symbol, can be clearly seen identifying him in the snap.

It is not clear from the image if the fun is real, or if it is a replica, but the photo certainly has a shock factor regardless.

The snap which emerged on Twitter has since been taken down and Bobbi’s account has become private.

A spokesperson for Bobbi refused to comment on the picture but told MailOnline that ‘Nick is not her boyfriend.’


  1. Oh yeah. I’m pretty sure this guy is the type to take Bobbi Kris’ money and leave her when he gets the opportunity. She’s definitely not the brightest out the bunch.

  2. Not shocked at all. I knew this dude wasn’t sh-t when they said he has no job and has been leaching off Whitney for years. Bobbi won’t see it until it’s too late.

  3. What a stupid little idiot. And I’m not even surprised that he’s leaching off Bobbi Kris now, hell she’s not the prettiest or smartest, of course he’d use her. As pretty as Whitney was, I always thought she’d have pretty kids. But…

  4. I’m really REALLY hoping Bobbi Kris doesn’t get pregnant by this guy. But we all know it’s coming. That’s the only way he can lock the deal and get that money, as well as marriage. It’s sad, but Bobbi never really had a chance. Her parents were always druggies and her family can’t seem to get to her.

  5. Sigh…this little thug is going to take Bobby Kris for everything she has. Watch both of them blow through all that money her momma left for her in like 2 months tops when she gets it.

  6. What was the point of him even tweeting this? For something to put on their little reality show? And why do they even have a show? I loved Whitney, but her daughter doesn’t even have a quarter of the talent her mama had. Have yall ever heard that child sing? Chile…

  7. SMH! These two are Bobby and Whitney 2.0. Kids grow up and do what they saw their parents do when they were kids. I think people would have been more shocked if Bobbi Kris turned out okay. This right here was totally expected.

  8. What does she see in this little boy? And why would you date your god brother anyway? This is some trailer park ish right here. Just…gross.

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