Lil Scrappy Says He Isn’t Cheating on Erica

lil scrappy cheating on erica

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Although the first season of Love And Hip Atlanta may be over, the stars of the show are staying on the blogs thanks to the rumor mill. The latest rumors would be Kirk Frost being a pedophile who fathered a child with his own daughter, K. Michelle embarking on a new romance with NBA player J.R. Smith, and now, Lil Scrappy cheating on Erica. The news about Lil Scrappy cheating on Erica began to travel fast yesterday, and as juicy as the rumor was, we told you guys yesterday that we were finding that piece of gossip a little too hard to believe. Why? Because it linked him to another reality television star whose show, Basketball Wives LA, is currently on air for its second season. And from what we’ve heard, VH1 is having a hard time garnering buzz this time around for the show after Love And Hip Hop Atlanta.

So it would just make sense for people to create rumors right about now to create interest for the show.

Regardless, Lil Scrappy got wind of all the gossip, and he took to his on Twitter account to set the record straight:

lil scrappy cheating on erica

We think we’re getting pretty efficient in Lil Scrappy’s language. So we’ll just translate the tweet for you, just in case it’s hard to understand:

For your information, I am not cheating on Erica. She is my boo. Ya feel me? I love when you make up rumors about me. Please continue. It will keep me relevant until the next season of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta. Thanks.

Well there you have it. We’re still hoping for the best with these two.


  1. Oh wow. I’m glad he addressed it. It shows he is trying to be grown this time around. And LOL @ your translation. I don’t know what the hell he says half the time on Twitter.

  2. Publicity stunt fail. No one even knew who that girl is off of BBW LA. I wonder how the ratings are looking. I’m thinking no one is really watching the show.

  3. I figured the picture didn’t mean anything. I mean, that would have been real stupid on his part. Why show the world you’re cheating on Instagram?

  4. I’m sure Lil Scrappy will be on his best behavior until it’s time to tape for the second season. I mean what will their storyline be next time? Planning for the wedding? They will need some more drama. I’m thinking Shay will be in the picture again. That will keep things interesting.

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