Gossip: Is Katherine Jackson Divorcing Joe Jackson?

katherine jackson and joe jackson divorce

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Are Katherine Jackson and Joe Jackson divorcing? After many years of Joe Jackson’s numerous affairs, there are whispers that Katherine Jackson is set to file for divorce from Joe Jackson. Although it has been said that Katherine always stayed with Joe despite his womanizing ways for the sake of their children, they suggest that the mother of music legend Michael Jackson might have finally had enough of the troubled marriage. And it is this troubled marriage that is rumored to be one of the many reason why Michael Jackson had a rocky relationship with his father. Despite that, they say Joe’s latest affair might be the last straw for Katherine Jackson, and finally her motivation to leave her life of loneliness with an unfaithful Joe behind for good.

Here’s the report:

GLOBE explains in their exclusive report in this week’s October 1 print edition why Katherine has arrived at the long overdue decision to divorce Joe. Joe has hooked up with 33 year-old Lavinia Iskander and is embarrassing the hell out of the Jackson Family matriarch. But even worse, loose Lavinia is MARRIED to Majestik Magnificent one of poor Michael’s best pals! So not only is jerky Joe unapologetically cheating on Michael’s mom, but he is fooling around with the wife of his late son’s buddy.

Joe denies the allegations, but sources say Joe has been sneaking around with his lover in hotels all over Las Vegas and Los Angeles:

Although Joe has denied that he is sleeping with Lavinia sources say their “relationship is red-hot” and the two spend weeks each month shacking up together in Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

The report also goes on to say that Katherine also wants to leave Joe because she believes he’ll go after the money Michael Jackson left for his three kids:

There are financial considerations that are fueling Katherine’s urgency to divorce the scoundrel. Katherine fears that since she is co-guardian of Michael’s children, Paris Jackson and her brothers, Blanket and Prince, then if she predeceases greedy Joe he will try to grab money that rightfully should go the grandkids. Since several of Michael’s siblings have tried (and failed) to steal from their more successful brother’s fortune, Katherine knows full well the malfeasance of which family is capable.


  1. Why was she staying for the kids? They ended up being more screwed up because she stayed. I wish all parents would just understand that staying isn’t always the best for the kids when it’s all said and done. Sometimes they end up being more screwed up that way.

  2. Joe just needs to go have a seat and quit embarrassing the family. I wondered why he didn’t jump into the who Jermaine fiasco. It makes sense now.

  3. I’m glad Katherine is divorcing that A– Joe. Also, I think she’s also stupid for staying with him as long as she has. I hope she doesn’t back out of this one though. As for her religion goes, they better stop encouraging her to stay with Joe.

  4. I guess I’m stupid because I thought they have been divorced. Seeing Joe out with all of those women, I didn’t think she stayed with him. OH WELLLLLLLLLLL!

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