Rumor Control: Despite Reports, Beyonce is Not Pregnant Again

beyonce not pregnant

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

After having her first child with husband Jay-Z earlier this year, many have placed Beyonce on another pregnancy watch. And just about every other month, there’s some new report that claims the singer is pregnant again with her second child. And just like clockwork, most of the usual suspects and tabloids are claiming that Beyonce is currntly pregnant with her second chid, all because of a certain photo that is making it’s way around the blogs:

beyonce not pregnant

We honestly weren’t believing the hype, but the PR person who sent out the photo has decided to speak out about the pregnancy rumors. And according to them, Beyonce was not sporting a baby bump. They also say she had drinks during Obama’s fundraiser event, so there’s no way Beyonce could be expecting.

Here’s the report from E Online:

So is Blue about to become a big sis? Not so fast.
Not only has the singer been looking quite svelte of late, but the PR company that sent out the pic attributed the so-called bump look to the way the dress appeared in the image, nothing more.


  1. I’m kind of glad she isn’t pregnant again yet. It’s always good to take some time in between kids to adjust to parenthood before having more kids. And I’m surprised people were believing the hype. There’s absolutely no baby bump in that photo.

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