Gossip: The Woman in Kanye’s Sex Tape is Kim, Not A Lookalike

kim and kanye sex tape

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kanye West’s sex tape scandal just keeps on getting more bizarre by each headline. As we recently reported, the rapper has found himself caught up in some controversy as reports recently leaked that there is currently a sex tape featuring the rapper being shopped around. Radar Online was the first to get their hands on the tape, and they even posted a screen shot from the video. At first, Kanye’s camp remained silent on the situation. But not too long ago, Kanye’s lawyer confirmed the authenticity of the sex tape and even claimed that the sex tape had been stolen off of Kanye’s personal computer. After issuing out cease and desist letters to media sources for publishing a screenshot of Kanye in the sex tape, reports about the bidding process for the sex tape have confirmed that the highest bid is set at $1 million.

Well now things just got a little more outrageous. Originally it was reported that the woman that appeared in the sex tape with Kanye was a Kim Kardashian lookalike, by the name of Mony Mon. Well now folks close to the alleged co-star of Kanye’s sex tape are allegedly now saying that it isn’t Mony Monn, but Kim Kardashian instead. And according to these same sources, Kim and Kanye approached Mony to go along with the cover up since Kim is in the middle of a messy divorce from Kris Humphires. And Kris Humphries is in the middle of trying to prove to the judge that Kim cheated on him while they were married with Kanye.

Not too long ago, we even reported that he had caught word of Kim and Kanye’s affair once a friend told him that Kim slept even slept with Kanye while they were engaged. So if word gets out that it is actually Kim on the tape, Kris’ plot to get revenge should get a lot easier. So in an effort to protect Kim’s image and back account from Kris Humphries, allegedly both Kim and Kanye have paid off Mony Monn a nice sum of cash to pretend that she had a sexual romp on video with Kanye West.

Here’s the report:

Because the sextape could equate to irreparable damage financially and character-wise, Kanye and Kim reportedly convinced aspiring-model Mony Monn to claim she was the one who appeared in the video (she was reportedly paid upwards of six-figures to make this claim).

Our source also suggests Mony Monn was given previously unreleased photos of Kim Kardashian to mix in with her own photos on Facebook, in an effort to confuse anyone who may be looking for ways to differentiate between the two. While this all seems slightly bizarre and far-fetched, this would explain why it’s almost impossible to differentiate between Mony Monn and Kim Kardashian in online photos, while those similarities are not quite as evident in person.


  1. I believe this. Now it all makes sense. They did say the chick said at the beginning that she was married and that’s why she was there. Kim is such a cold hearted and trifling b-tch. I swear her and Kanye are MADE for each other.

  2. Well I’ll be damned. I guess I stand corrected. I thought it was a lookalike, but this makes much more sense. That really explains the whole “I’m married” comment.

  3. I’m really started to not like Kanye as much as I already don’t like Kim. People ask me all the time why I don’t like Kim. This is why. She has no soul, no morals, no goodness in her heart. She’s selfish and will do anything for fame and money. People like her are why the world is so messed up now.

    1. She already tried but RGIII wasn’t haven’t it. He’s actually engaged to a white woman with class. Kim wouldn’t know anything about that though.

  4. I wish both of them would go away already. Neither one has talent or a likeable personality. They don’t deserve their fame or all the press they get.

  5. This relationship has been built on too many lies. And because of that, these two will crash and burn in such an ugly way. God don’t like ugly.

  6. So is this why Kim and Ye are trying so hard to make people think they have been trying to get together? My goodness but of these fools lie too damn much.

  7. The biggest element of this story that frustrates me the most is that Kim is still married. I could care less about a sex tape. They can join the line of other celebrities and regular citizens alike, that are thirsty for attention and desperately seek it. But marriage has become such a joke. It’s unreal. Kanye lost a huge part of himself when his mom passed…… It’s sad to see him self-destruct.

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