Rapper Chief Keef Gets Banned From Instagram For Posting Photo of Himself Getting Head

chief keef banned instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Chief Keef may have risen to popularity with his hit single “Don’t Like,” but it appears that he’s making more headlines now not because of his music, but for what many perceive as reckless behavior. Even in his interviews, Chief Keef finds a way to start some kind of controversy. He’s already gone after rap veterans Lil Wayne  and Kanye West, and he’s even managed to make the extremely peaceful Lupe Fiasco almost give up on rapping, seeing as he got into with Keef on Twitter about worsening the violence of the youth in Chicago, and Keef only response was threatening to slap him.

So it should come as no surprise that he’s still misbehaving on the social networks. And the other day, even some of Keef’s fans have to admit he might have taken things a little too far.

Just this past weekend, Chief Keef got the bright idea to upload a picture of himself getting head from a young female on his Intsagram account. After numerous people reported the photo for being inappropriate, the company promptly deleted the photo and banned Cheif Keef from using its services any longer.

The ironic thing is that Chief Keef didn’t seem phased about being banned, but he was more upset that his photo had been deleted. Here’s the tweet:

chief keef instagram


  1. These little kids in Chicago are a lost cause. The crazy thing is Kanye is the one that cosigned him. That is more proof that Kanye has lost his damn mind.

  2. This is what happens when fools have kids!!! He needed guidance a long time ago! Now look at him. And doesn’t he already have a kid himself? Smh!

  3. Chief Keef is a microcasm of what is wrong with the current generation of young black Americans. He, his mom and absentee father need their butts royally kicked.

  4. Yeah he is obviously classless, but I have to question what low self esteem having young female was ok with this? These little girls are off the chain. Gross.

    1. Well, that’s assuming she knew the picture was taken. I didn’t see it, so I don’t know where she was in relation to the angle the photo was captured, but it could be that she was unaware. Just posing another possibility before questioning/ridiculing her self-esteem..

  5. Chief Keef and that Katie Got Bandz chick are the worst rappers I ever heard. OJ Da Juiceman is a much better rapper than them and he’s retarded.

  6. It’s not just Chicago yall. It’s everywhere. The youngins have no respect for themselves, and in return, they can’ respect anyone else. They are true menaces to society, I’m not even surprised that he did something this, I guess I’m more surprised he didn’t do it a long time ago.

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