Reality TV Star Natalie Nunn Gets Blackmailed Over Sex Tape

natalie nunn, sex tape

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Natalie Nunn is getting blackmailed over an alleged sex tape. Although the reality television star is primarily known for her short stint on Bad Girls Club, ever since appearing on the show, she’s gotten married and she’s attempting to establish a legitimate career in television. So for Natalie Nunn, right now image is everything. So it’s no surprise that she would be horrified to learn that someone has gotten a hold of a sex tape she made with her new husband.

According to close friends of Natalie Nunn, her iPad was stolen, and it contained her sex tape she made with her husband.

Here’s the report:

“Someone stole Natalie’s iPad and found the personal sex tapes she and her husband had made, and now she is receiving threats!” A friend of Nunn’s exclusively tells

“They were in New York doing promos for Bridezillas and at first she thought her iPad was taken directly out of her hotel room, but then realized she had left it on the subway.”

The possibility of being revealed on the Internet in all his glory has mortified Nunn’s husband of four months, Jacob Payne, who lambasted his wife for not locking her tablet up when she knew there was naughty footage on there.

“He is an athlete and not a Hollywood guy and wants nothing to do with being exposed,” says the pal.

After coming to terms with the reality that she had lost the precious footage, Nunn, 27, told her friend she was shocked to discover last week that the person who found it wanted big money to keep it secret.

And according to the reports, Natalie Nunn’s alleged blackmailer has been making continued threats about releasing the sex tape on the internet, if she doesn’t pay up fast:

“Someone starting threatening Natalie saying they were going to sell the footage, unless she pays up,” explains the insider. “At first Natalie thought it was a hoax but then they sent a screen shot showing her and Jacob butt naked having sex, so she immediately called her lawyer.”

“Natalie told me, ‘It has been horrible, I wake up every day and check Twitter thinking someone is going to post it,'” reveals her concerned friend.

Along with the X-rated screen shot, the blackmailer warned Nunn that they planned to sell it to the highest bidder unless she paid them $100,000.

With all the craziness going on with Kanye West’s sex tape, that we heard was allegedly made with Kim Kardashian, we can’t help but question the timing of Natalie’s story. And it also doesn’t help that the source who tipped of the press is calling her the “next Wendy Williams” (sounds like an obvious publicity plug) and “devastated” about the sex tape getting out. And we only say that because Natalie’s always been a little too thirsty for attention, but when has she ever been ashamed of anything?

Anything is possible though.


  1. I call all kinds of BS on this story. Who the hell has a sex tape on their iPad. It doesn’t come with enough space for all of that. And I doubt Natalie could afford the 32-64 gb iPad. She hasn’t been relevant in years.

    1. No sweetheart, she’s bad because she’s got all these other talentless people making sex tapes for attention. Even Kanye is pulling the same tired stunt. And it’s wack. Nice try at sarcasm though. Sigh…

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