Nicci Gilbert Gets Into It With Producers Over Her Portrayal in ‘R&B Divas’

nicci gilbert producers beef

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Nicci Gilbert, former lead singer of Brownstone, has to be the most controversial one out of all the singers on TV One’s smash hit R&B Divas. Known for being a little to motherly to the other cast members, just a few episodes into the series, it’s clear that she seems to cause a lot of drama with everyone else on the show. Despite her interesting outbursts, it’s clear that the rest of the ladies still have love for Nicci, and they seem to adjust to her rather interesting personality. Although there was a rumor not too long ago suggesting that Nicci would be replaced next season with someone who was less “aggressive” in personality, TV One came out with a statement denying the accusations. It was also revealed in the statement that Nicci is also one of the producers of the show, so cutting her off the show just didn’t really seem plausible at the moment.

After the latest episode of R&B Divas, Nicci has one scene where she pretty much just shouted at all of her costars over having cocktails while discussing their personal issues.

After watching the episode in real time, Nicci became ashamed and embarrassed by how she looked on the show. She took to her Twitter account to blame shady editing at the hands of the producers. This didn’t go too well with the rest of the producers. After ranting about how she’s being used to create “drama” for the show and how the real her isn’t being taped, the producers kindly reminded her that the unedited version isn’t that much different from the final cut.

Nicci rants:

nicci gilbert twitter

One of the producers of the show got wind of Nicci’s tweets and had a few words:

nicci gilbert producers

nicci gilbert producers

This eventually led to Nicci trying to check him, and he politely put her back in her place:

nicci gilbert producers

The interesting thing is that it appears as if her cast mates Syleena Johnson and Monifah agreed with the producers and they think Nicci is exactly who she appears to be on television. They threw a little shade too:

syleena johnson nicci gilber beef twitter

monifah nicci gilbert beef twitter


  1. If she wasn’t kicked off the show yet, she’s about to be now. You don’t come for the producers. We all know she’s not a real producer anyway.

  2. It’s amazing how the producer was able to shut her up but no one else can on the show. I liked Nicci, but she’s starting to be too over the top on the show. It’s deeper than editing too.

  3. Yasss!!! Monifah knows how to throw some shade!!!! She’s one of my faves on the show too. Nicci is annoying. She really does have some problems, and she’s the one always telling someone else how to get some help on the show. She needs more help than the others.

  4. She’s too damn much! It doesn’t even take all that screaming she be doing on the show. These women are like damn near 50 years old. It’s not like they can fight and all that. She needs to calm it down a notch, she acts like she should be on BBW and LHHATL with all that screaming she does.

  5. She is sooo not likeable. I really think she is the reason Brownstone broke up and all those girls got replaced all those times. She needs to handle her issues and learn how to talk to other grown folks.

  6. This is so tacky of here. She’s too old for Twitter melt downs. It’s real simple. If you don’t want to look like a fool on TV, don’t act like one in front of the cameras. Both her and Tami need to stop blaming others for looking stupid on TV. They made the choice, so they need to deal.

  7. I guess I’m the only one who likes Nicci. She clearly has issues, they all do, we all do. She just has to deal with them. I know there’s a reason why she is the way she is. Maybe we;ll get an answer soon in one the episodes. I honestly feel like she means well.

  8. When she was holding KeKe’s baby and started screaming in that baby’s ear over some damn cocktails, I literally wanted to jump through the TV screen and slap some sense into her. She is crazy for real. LOL.

  9. LMBAO. This chick is nuts. I’m glad the producer put her in her place though. She needs to calm it down. And Syleena and Monifah are hilarious. I know deep down inside, they can’t stand her either. She gets into it with those two the most, because they are the only two who will stand up to her. Faith and KeKe are too scared to ever say anything to her.

  10. She came out of left field. If you never met that woman then maybe you should introduce yourself get to know her and kick her ass to the curb lol.

    I think Nicci has a good heart but it is not even up to her what others do in the first place. Your not a doctor your not any of these peoples mama’s get YOUR life gurl.

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