Nick Gordon Sets The Record Straight About Alleged Car Crash With Bobbi Kristina

bobbi kristina and nick gordon car crash

By: Taren Vaughan

Bobbi Kristina’s boyfriend Nick Gordon has been all over the urban gossip blogs and other media outlets these past few days here and for a number of different reasons too. It all started off with Nick posting a picture of himself on Twitter posing with a gun, a photo that sparked even more controversy surrounding him and Bobbi Kristina.  And although Nick is Bobbi Kristina’s god brother and a person that her late mother Whitney Houston cared for as her own, Nick Gordon has been rumored to be much more than that to Bobbi Kristina as the two are said to be dating each other. Supposedly, Bobbi Kristina’s family members have no warm and fuzzy feelings about her and Nick Gordon as an item. Their alleged feelings towards Nick and about the whole situation may have just gotten worse after it was reported that Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon got into a severe car crash during a heated argument that they had with each other, a crash that resulted in an almost totaled vehicle. As more reports continued to surface about the crash that took place, Nick started to catch a lot of heat for being the driver in the accident. However, Nick took to his Twitter account to say that there was no one else in the car with him at the time of the crash despite what is being said in the media and that people seemed to be more concerned about bashing him over the crash than worrying about whether or not he was okay:

While some people went after his head over the accident, Nick did get some love from some of his followers amidst all the negativity, applauding him for being a good guy and being there for Bobbi Kristina after the loss of her mother:

Nick Gordon has cleared up the rumors about Bobbi Kristina being in the car with him during the time of the crash but that may not be enough to keep people off his back about it.


  1. It’s amazing how TMZ makes things up on top of real news. I’m not sure why they always have to add their own spin to things.

  2. Oh wow. Well I’m glad both are okay. I still think this relationship isn’t a good one for Bobbi Kris. Something about this dude just seems shady.

  3. This guy is clearly an attention whore. Both of them are actually. From the whole gun situation to the pictures they upload all the time, it’s clear they just want to be celebs. They are annoying already, and their little reality show hasn’t even aired yet.

  4. I agree that the media does lie a little too much, but it doesn’t excuse their poor behavior either. Both of them are still out of control.

  5. My question is was the po-po called to their APT or what? I bet if they were, it was due to them arguing over the car accident.

  6. I would like to knw why whitney NEVER mention him at all even when she left with bobbi and went to LA to escape her turnmoil relationship with her x bobby brown he wasn’t seen in any pictures nor mention in any of talk shows what’s up with that he only emerged after whittney’s death???

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