Nene Leakes Drags Sheree Whitfield, Again

By: Taren Vaughan

Did Nene Leakes and Sheree’ Whitfield finally bury the hatchet? Nene Leakes without a doubt was one of the most popular cast members on the reality TV show Real Housewives of Atlanta, a gig that Nene may be giving up for a career in acting after this upcoming season is over. As her departure from the show is uncertain, her relationship with her husband Gregg Leakes isn’t as Nene spoke on their status recently, addressing whether or not they were officially back together.

Another relationship that Nene was recently asked about was the one that she had with cast member Sheree’ Whitfield, one that took a downturn over drama related to a business deal they had going on, resulting in the two ladies not being on speaking terms. Wondering if Nene and Sheree’ had finally put their differences aside, Andy Cohen questioned Nene about it in an interview he did with her on Watch What Happens Live!. In the interview, Nene revealed that she had run into Sheree’ at a funeral and she was asked about the lines of communication between her and Sheree’ and whether or not the two spoke to each other at the funeral. And Nene simply replied by saying: “Absolutely not”

Nene was also asked about the status of Sheree’s new house “Chateau Sheree’” And Nene responding by dragging Sheree’ about her unfinished property, claiming that it looked nothing close to a house as far as she was concerned:

“The last time I saw it, it was up looking like a box. I’m not sure she’s going to be moving in it.”

Nene Leakes seemed to make it clear that her and Sheree’ Whitfield won’t be all buddy-buddy anytime soon despite what people might think.



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