Bow Wow Becomes Host on 106 & Park, But People Aren’t Impressed

By: Taren Vaughan

Bow Wow hosting 106 & Park now? Bow Wow has made a few career moves this year as he linked up with Lil’ Wayne and crew, becoming a member of Young Money. And even though it looked like Bow Wow wasn’t getting the love or support from the label as he thought he should at one point, he still continues to go on tours and put out new music for his fans. Aside from putting down tracks in the studio, there was talk of Bow Wow becoming a host on 106 & Park while the search for replacements for Terrence J. and Rocsi was taking place. With the airing of last night’s episode of the show, the rumor was confirmed as being true as Bow Wow was introduced as one forth of the hosts,  the other three hosts including Shorty Da Prince, Paigion and Miss Mykie. While some 106 & Park watchers were applauding BET for adding Bow Wow to the hosting line up, others weren’t terribly hyped over BET’s choice and started to go in on both the network and Bow Wow over his new gig, including Comedian Lil’ Duval, who seemed to think the host choice was rather mind-boggling:

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And and they made it clear that snagging Bow Wow as a host for the show won’t get them to tune in and watch:

Many people were convinced that Bow Wow had to have taken the job because his music wasn’t selling and his funds were running low:

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And that if this doesn’t work out for him, Bow Wow may need to step outside the music industry altogether:

Bow Wow on the way to save 106 & Park and keep ratings up? Or is the show officially on its way out?


  1. I don’t watch the show anymore (too old to care about music videos), but from what I did see, I can’t say I feel BET made the right choice. They have 4 hosts now and one of them is a washed up rapper. Another is a wannabe female rapper, and two more are Youtube celebs. I think it’s safe to say 106 & Park is on its way out.

  2. It’s pretty obvious Bow Wow needed the money and BET looked out. I don’t like the choices either, but it’s not like I was going to watch the show anyway. It’s clearly target to younger people.

  3. LOL at some people calling him broke. If Bow Wow is going to be a host on 106 now, it’s definitely been made official that even though he signed to YMCMB, his career is DEAD. Somewhere Ciara is laughing.

    1. Come to think about it, you know how awkward it’s going to be when they have Ciara come on the show now? LOL, chile…I might actually watch the show when THAT happens.

      1. THAT ain’t happening tho!!!! LOL! I can’t imagine why she’d be on the show. Promoting an album? A new video? I’ll be late for that….

  4. I’m trying to understand when Bow Wow is going to have time for that “rap career” now. Damn, another child star falls victim to the curse.

  5. Bow Wow has child support to pay now. He has no real money coming in and Baby is probably giving him peanuts on Cash Money, he needed this.

  6. I don’t think it was a bad choice, I think they picked who would do better with younger people. And that would be Bow Wow. Let’s be real, Terrence J., Rosci, Free, and AJ were too good for that damn show. They picked the right (corny) people this time around. Let the real talent go to MTV and the celeb news shows (ET Tonight, Access Hollywood, etc).

    1. Girl you had me until you said Rosci was too good for the show. Girl her personality is like watching paint dry. I heard she’s going to probably get a spot on X Factor though. People move on and upgrade from BET.

  7. This show is done. As much as people hated on Terrence J and Rosci, they were very good at what they did. They won’t ever get anymore talented hosts on the show now because options are better.

  8. I guess I don’t really care either way. I stopped watching the show when AJ and Free left. But Terrence J. and Rosci appeared to be doing a good job. If they went on to bigger and better things, I’m happy for them.

  9. People are so negative sometimes. He has a kid and got a new good paying job. What is the problem? And yeah, the other hosts are corny, but give them a couple of years and they could be great.

  10. BET tried to cover ALL bases after Terrence and Rocsi left. I actually think Bow Wow is a good fit for the show. He’s probably been on 106 and Park more than any other artist. Even though his rap relevancy left with tall tees and DaDa sneakers, I think he might be a good host. I can see a spark of chemistry between the 4(minus Miss Mykie she’s awful lol). I’ll be watching to see what happens.

  11. I haven’t watched this show in years. I can’t really think of any show I watch consistently on BET. They just need to merge with VH1 or something… Like some others have said though, this decision could be a great one in that it’ll appeal to a younger audience. I doubt most of the readers on here are even interested in music videos anymore, let alone Bow Wow. I’d watch MTV Jamz before ever tuning into 106th & Park.

  12. I haven’t watched 106 & Park in years! I guess if BET is trying to pull in the youngsters then Bow Wow is a good choice. I don’t know who the other hosts are, but hopefully over time they will improve. And I don’t really think Bow Wow is broke. For a good portion of his career his mama was controlling his finances and I seriously doubt she let him blow all of his money. I think he has a nice little stash for a rainy day. But I would love to see Ciara on the show when he’s hosting to see the akwardness of it all! That should boost up the ratings a bit!

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