Karrueche Vents Her Frustration With Chris Brown on Twitter & Confirms Break Up to His Fans?

karrueche and chris brown broke up

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Did Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran break up? This is a question that seems to be asked weekly since the rumors about Chris Brown’s relationship status with Rihanna is always changing according to the gossip blogs. Now you know we usually don’t post the break up rumors regarding Chris Brown and Karrueche since they are continuously shot down by Chris’ publicist and recent photo ops. But this time, Chris Brown and Karrueche breaking up could totally be true. Something is definitely up with these two, seeing as both have been posting subliminal tweets for the last few hours. But it’s what Karrueche tweeted to a Chris Brown fan that has even us thinking that this time Chris Brown and Karrueche did indeed break up.

Here’s the series of tweets that got people talking a few hours ago. In them, Karrueche claims that there is a difference between boys and men and she definitely has a preference. Read from the bottom up:

did chris brown and karrueche break up


When one of Chris Brown’s fans told her to just let the relationship go and to move on, she shockingly answered:


chris brown and karrueche break up


And interestingly enough, Chris Brown tweeted earlier that day:


did chrs brown and karrueche break up


Now no one has confirmed yet that Chris Brown and Karrueche did in fact break up, but these tweets aren’t giving us any doubts that if these two aren’t broken up, they will be soon. We’re not even sure what happened, but we do know that Karrueche couldn’t been happy about those pictures of Chris and Nicole from the Pussycat Dolls the other day. To many, it appeared that the two were kissing in the club:

chris cheating on karrueche


chris brown cheating on karrueche tran

Although both camps for Nicole and Chris denied they were kissing and said they were just whispering in a loud cloud club (yes, they really used that old PR excuse), it’s quite possible that that didn’t go over well with Karrueche Tran. And it is odd that Karrueche did not accompany Chris to his recent trip to Atlanta for the BET Hip Hop Awards festivities. She usually travels with him everywhere.

Then of course, maybe Karrueche is upset about last night. Allegedly, Chris Brown and Rihanna were spotted together in a New York club together called Griffin last night and onlookers say the two were cozy the entire night. Here’s some of the tweets:

rihanna and chris brown

chris and rihanna

chris brown and rihanna

And what woman tweets those kinds of tweets if there wasn’t trouble in paradise? So all signs point to Chris Brown and Karrueche being over. While we wait for a confirmation, expect more stories about Chris Brown and Rihanna hooking back up all over the press for the next few days.




  1. SMH. I love Rihanna but she is making a HUGE mistake. He will cheat on her again, just like he did Kae. She just won’t learn. Chris is not the faithful type and even their break up won’t change that.

  2. Sooo Rihanna gets into that huge fight with Chris because he cheated on her, then she turn around and helps his cheat on his new girl. FAIL!!! Karma is a biotch Rih Rih. Know that.

  3. I’m not feeling this. Why? Because Chris is showing that he still cannot and will not be faithful. Rihanna will get hurt again. She is really wasting her time on this dude.

  4. Cheater Brown is back at it and left his damn girlfriend at home just so he could get it in with Rihanna. And Rihanna is crazy if she thinks he won’t do it to her again. I’m honestly feeling bad for Kae because she went through a lot to be with him and then he does this. He’s still a selfish person I see.

  5. Rihanna is stupid as hell. As big as her head is you’d think her brain wouldn’t be so damn small. I am tired of these two and when he does something to disrespect her again like cheat or punch her in the face, I don’t want to hear about it.

  6. Karrueche just needs to move on. Let Rihanna have him. She’ll see very soon that he has not changed. And I won’t feel sorry for her the next time.

  7. Well, Rihanna wins. She will see that she didn’t win a prize though. I’m disappointed in her. I believe n love, but I don’t think what they had was love. At least not on Chris’ end. I think he will be still out here messing with other chicks. Rihanna should have respected his relationship and allowed him to make his own choice like a man. But she allowed him to be a boy and cheat on his girl. Selfish actions that will only lead to painful results.

  8. I guess we all knew this was coming. He should have broken it off with Karrueche first. I still don’t see him and Rihanna making it. They didn’t have what they think they did.

  9. I need pictures of him and Rihanna all over each other n the club. I really do. They have been saying these rumors or a long time now. I see tweets but where’s the pictures?

  10. Karma is a b-tch Kae!!! You made fun of Rihanna because you thought she couldn’t take your man…and OOOPS. She has your man in NY right now. Love it!

  11. So are Chris and Rih just going to keep sneaking around now like people don’t know what’s up? That sh-t is lame.

  12. It’s amazing how a man can punch a woman in the face and beat her a–, and that same woman will break her neck to get him back and even break up his current relationship. Rihanna is not who I thought she was, She’s not fab by any stretch.

  13. I think him and Karreuche have been apart for awhile now..She wasnt with him at the VMA’s either. These pictures with him and Swartaneger(whatever) just hit the net a few days ago.

      1. IMO when the day is done, these kids are just like the rest of us. This sh@;t happens every day to somebody. We all play the fool and learn or not they are all just like us. Who are we to judge them for their choices. Living in the spotlight means they don’t live behind the darkness we take for granted. BB

  14. Yeah yall I think I’m mentally exhausted from this whole Chrihanna thing. I don’t even think I care what they do anymore. I just don’t want to hear about it when it goes wrong again and we all know that will be the case. To each it’s own.

  15. If you’d like to check you will see Karrueche was with him on the 30th in ATL carrying his damn tshirt. Chris Brown is an idiot. Rihanna will be pregnant soon and hooked up for life with the idiot cheater. Karrueche be glad you didn’t pierce the condom and get on with your life. There’s much better out there.

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