It Looks Like Chris Brown Is Dating Rihanna And Karrueche, At The Same Time

chris brown and karrueche

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Chris Brown and Rihanna have one of the most epic love triangles I’ve ever seen with Karrueche Tran, Chris Brown’s steady girlfriend of a couple of years. Although Chris and Rihanna have been rumored to be hooking up again in New York, many were sure that just maybe this could be the first step to Chris and Rihanna going public with there rekindled romance. And no matter how many times the media claims Chris Brown has broken up with Karrueche, his spokesperson continues to deny the claims and then we see them together in photo ops. But yesterday, things got wild when it was revealed that Chris Brown and Rihanna did indeed party together at a nightclub in New York called Griffin. Although this was originally only confirmed by tweets of party goers, it’s now been confirmed by pictures:

chris brown and rihanna griffin night club

And those that were there are still talking. They told Page Six:

Rihanna and ex Chris Brown ended up locked in the bathroom together at Meatpacking nightclub Griffin in the early hours of yesterday morning after dancing and making out on the dance floor. As celebs including Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle, former Giant Antonio Pierce and Tyson Beckford held court, Brown arrived with friends including rapper Bow Wow and sat at a table.

The same source said things got steamy between Chris Brown and Rihanna in no time:

Five minutes later, Rihanna, who had been partying with pals at Catch, walked in with her friends. A source told us: “They sat two tables away from each other. Chris made his way over to Rihanna. He raised his shirt and was dancing promiscuously. Then they started dancing together and hugging and kissing in front of everyone.” Then, observers saw them go into the bathroom together, and when RiRi emerged, “She seemed a little ruffled” a source said. We’re told the pair, who broke up after Brown hit Rihanna during a fight before the 2009 Grammys, partied together until 4 a.m., when he left with his pals and she split five minutes later.

Now of course, we told you yesterday that this is most likely what caused Karrueche’s Twitter rant yesterday. Karrueche was apparently furious about the reports, and even told a Chris Brown fan that she was done with the singer.

Well, it just got a little more interesting. It’s being reported that Chris Brown and Rihanna were together again last night in New York night club 1Oak:


chris brown and rihanna

According to those there, no cameras were allowed this time, seeing as they got too much press the other day for their last “party date.”

And what was Chris spotted doing earlier that night? According to the paps, leaving Rihanna’s hotel room:

chris brown and rihanna

Here’s the report:

It seems Chris Brown does not have a problem keeping a busy schedule.

For he was spotted meeting up with his girlfriend in New York on the same day he was seen supposedly slinking out of Rihanna’s hotel.

His apparent rendezvous with the Rated R singer came just a day after they were spotted allegedly ‘making out’ at a trendy New York nightclub.

And not too long after allegedly leaving Rihanna’s hotel room, Chris was then spotted picking up Karrueche Tran from her hotel:

The RnB favourite hooked up with Karrueche Tran shortly after he reportedly spent some quality time with his old flame at her hotel.

chris brown and karrueche

karrueche chris brown rihanna

As outraged as Karrueche Tran was yesterday, many wonder what happened to make her want to give Chris Brown another chance. Well, looks like he sent her flowers yesterday, before reuniting with her in New York yesterday evening:

chris brown and karrueche flowers


While no one will ever know what’s going on but these three, it does appear to me at least that Chris Brown is dating Rihanna and Karrueche. He’s allegedly splitting time between both ladies in New York, by apparently late night clubbing with Rihanna but then spending the remainder of his days with Karrueche.



  1. What the hell? I’m sorry, I’m not even mad at Chris. If you can get two beautiful and stupid women, why not? He’s young and neither Rihanna or Kae seem to have enough confidence to want better.

  2. Chris is a pimp. Rihanna thinks he loves her so much, but he;s boning Kae still and kissing that damn Pussycat doll chick int he mouth on any other day. She’s delusional and he will never be faithful to her. Karrueche needs to move on too.

  3. Smh. Rihanna is still young enough that she just doesn’t get men yet. I’m close to my 30s, and I can honestly say, I don’t know how my teenage first love is doing. Nor do I care. But when I was a teen, I thought that was real. I thought it was love. But it wasn’t. It was a hot stinking mess. Eventually she will see that what she thought she had with Chris was nothing but puppy love. He’s a mess and not trying to commit to anyone. She shouldn’t settle for bathroom hookups in clubs.

  4. These 3 are ridiculous. I was really proud of Karrueche too. Oh well. I guess I can’t be mad at the playa. Get it Chris…I guess. Smh.

  5. F-ck it. I’ll just go ahead and say it since no one else will because it’s Rihanna. But umm, Rihanna is a bootycall. Yes, a bootycall. She went from being ole dude’s main girl to his jumpoff. That’s some funny sh-t, He’s f-cking her in the bathroom of a raggedy a– club, and then flying Karrueche in to NY from Cali, and buying her flowers and taking her on shopping sprees. Call it what you like, but it seems like Chris really doesn’t care about Rihanna. She’s nothing but sex to him at this point. But because she’s a young chick, she’s thinking it’s something real. It’s not. Yes, Kae is dumb too, but I think Rihanna is losing the most. She’s in love but he’s just trying to f-ck. Don’t confuse sex with love Rih.

    1. You just said one of the realest things on here. I keep telling people that Rihanna is the biggest fool of them all. The man beat her a– and she’s willing to be his side piece. Ain’t no sex that damn good!

  6. Only a youngin would call what Chris and Rihanna have as true love. Screwing a woman in the bathroom of a club is not romantic. Then he has the nerve to turn around and spend his quality time with Karruche. Man, I never though Rihanna would settle like this. She so gorgeous, but her self esteem is definitely lacking.

  7. All 3 of them should just get together and have a MINAJ…dang I cant call it anymore. Im not blaming Chris, Im blaming the no backbone having GIRLS that are involved.

  8. Karreuche and Chris got to have an open relationship..Me as a woman Im not gonna allow this to constantly take place in my life.
    I need to know what time did she rant on twitter and what time was these pictures taken? OMG something isnt adding up. Every time I think I have these 3 figured out…SMH

    1. The paps said those pics were taken last night. And I think I’m just going to give up trying understanding what’s going on with these 3. LOL.

  9. This is pretty hilarious. And the crazy thing is, this happens in real life ALL the time. Women have to start respecting themselves more and having the courage to walk away when a man isn’t doing right. Neither Karrueche or Rih seem to want to walk away. And honestly, Rihanna should have walked away when he punched in the face several times and slammed her head into the dashboard and window. She should have walked away when he beat her face and left her on the side of the road. When she got on Oprah and started crying over him again, I knew then that Rihanna was weak and Chris would forever have a hold over her. This isn’t love, this is SICK. And even now, he still has no respect for her, as he sleeps with her in bathrooms in clubs and still has a girlfriend.

    1. Yep! I agree! Either for Rih or the pussycat doll girl. Or hell, for everybody!!!!! lol this relationship is a joke. The word “love” shouldn’t find it’s way anywhere near an article pertaining to this circus act.

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