Chris Brown Says He’s Not a Player, Karrueche Tran Goes Off

chris brown and rihanna

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Chris Brown broke up with Karrueche Tran only a couple of days ago, but it’s still hot in the headlines like it just happened an hour ago. And that’s because Chris Brown and Rihanna were seen acting very much like a couple in the last few days before he officially cut things off with Karrueche. There were even pictures of Chris walking out of a New York hotel with Karrueche Tran just hours after he was photographed leaving Rihanna’s. Add that to the recent statements Karrueche’s girlfriends have made to the press about Chris Brown alleged two timing ways, and you have one huge media circus on your hands. And since Chris Brown’s publicist refuses to let Chris Brown get any more negative press other than what he’s already been getting for being the dude who beat up Rihanna, Chris was instructed to release a statement to the press about the entire situation. He admitted that he and Karrueche were through and blamed it on a “friendship” with Rihanna. His inability to confirm that he and Rihanna are back together romantically even though it’s obvious from their antics over the last few days has outraged many, already.

But just based off people’s initial reactions about the two being spotted together publicly in night clubs, it’s quite obvious why Chris wouldn’t admit now that he and Rihanna are back together.

Regardless, Chris Brown isn’t quite done with his publicity stunts, as he released a video in which he claims is one part of an upcoming documentary about the “Real Chris Brown.” In it, he actually talks “candidly” about the situation:

In the video, during flashback scenes of him in New York with Karrueche and cuddling up with Rihanna in a club the other night; Chris claims that he is not a player. He says that he loves both women at the same time and the whole thing has been stressful for him.

Welp, it looks like the media isn’t the only one that thinks that is nothing but crap. Karruche Tran obviously feels the same way, since she had another rant on Twitter after the video was released:

karrueche and chris brown

Of course, Rihanna had to throw some shade since she allegedly has her man back:

rihanna and chris brown twitter

Meanwhile, some of Chris and Rihanna’s friends are allegedly not too happy about these two getting back together. To these people, they think that Chris Brown and Rihanna had a relationship that was way to toxic to ever work. And they don’t see how that could be any different this time around. They tell Radar Online:

“Chris and Rihanna just love the drama. They know their fans don’t support them getting back together, and that it’s a terrible PR move since Chris was convicted of beating Rihanna,” a source close to the situation tells Radar. “However, this is what Chris and Rihanna thrive on. There are still major trust issues that Rihanna has with Chris, with good reason, he was hooking up with her while he was still dating Karrueche. Chris and Rihanna back together in any capacity is just a disaster in the making.”


  1. I guess I’m too old to think this boy is genuine. He is a player and he is wrong for ow he treated Kae. And does he not remember why he and Rihanna got into it in the first place? Hell, he was caught cheating! And now, he cheated in front of the whole world on Kae for Rihanna’s dome head a–. These young girls are dumb as rocks. They don’t know a player when they see one.

  2. This video is a joke. Major damage control. Of course he’s a player. Even Rihanna said the whole attack happened because she questioned him about getting a sex based text message from some chick he had already been busted for cheating with before. Of course Rihanna conveniently doesn’t remember any of that now because she’s that desperate. Some women will never learn.

  3. This whole thing just made me finally like Karrueche. F-ck Rihanna and Chris. Let them beat each other’s brains in, I really don’t care. They are both non talented trash and deserve each other.

  4. LOL at Rihanna gloating like she has a prize. Dummy, the whole world saw that picture of you after he beat the brakes off your face. And that all started because you caught him cheating on you. So he didn’t respect you then, and honestly, he doesn’t now since he was messing with you and Kae at the same time. You don’t have a prize and you damn sure don’t have a man. Now your stupid fans may think this is all so cute, but I and most of the world with any sense know better. You don’t have love and obviously no self esteem and in my mind, you are nothing but a weak woman. In fact, I’m offended that you put the great words of Tupac (thug life) on your hands. You’re a joke and we’ll all be laughing at you again when he does the inevitable.

  5. Wow, it’s obvious neither Chris nor Rihanna have any class. Kae should be thanking God that it’s over. She should have left a long time ago. Inf act, she should have never dated him anyone since he likes to punch women in the face and throw chairs through glass windows at tv studios. But the biggest fool of all would have to be Rihanna. I’m not supporting her or Chris. I will not support people who make a huge joke out of domestic violence .

  6. Did he really have to make the video though? Seems like he’s trying to save his own a–. Man, Chris just looks more like a– as thing plays itself out. He should have released the statement and just let it go. And don’t even let me get started on Rihanna’s dumb a–. Smh.

  7. LOL no he didn’t release that fake a– video! This whole things is hilarious! And don’t feel bad for Kae, she’ll get her another baller. Look at Amber Rose. Someone is probably already on that now.

  8. I agree with the others who said that this was classless. Honestly at this point, Rihanna and Chris both look like selfish jerks. And you can’t treat people like this and getting a happy ending. You reap what you sow.

  9. Okay, now I’m starting to not like Chris and Rihanna. Just let it go and stopping rubbing this in the damn girl’s face.

  10. Damn yall are going in hard on Chris and Rih! I love it! I can tell it’s grown a– people on this blog. These young kids are actually happy Rihanna is back with the guy that beat her a–. These kids (their fans0 are really screwed up. But I saw a study that said they don’t see a problem with this because most of them are in abusive relationships too. Go figure.

  11. This may sound silly or arrogant, but this whole situation makes me thankful for my man. I’m so happy that I know first hand what is and what is NOT real love. You can tell the folks that don’t, because they think this is a great thing. They think Rihanna and Chris have real love. But that’s just not the truth. Anytime a man can actually punch you in the face, cheat on you, and then expect you to creep with him after the fact; you do not have love. You have lust. It’s just a blessing that there are people in this world who have the real thing and know this ain’t nothing near it. I just hope I can raise my daughter or son to be smarter than these two.

  12. I always thought Karruche was too good for him. She is way prettier than Rihanna (who looks like an alien btw) and she just has a better personality. That’s obvious from Rihanna’s behavior on Twitter. Let her have Chris, he’s not a good dude anyway.

  13. Chris Brown and Rihanna have the true definition of a toxic relationship. It’s always great in the beginning but it’s get really bad eventually. It’s just a matter of time before the world sees again that they do not need to be together.

  14. I honestly think it’s just the excitement of people not wanting them together that makes them want to be together. Now that it’s official, people will bore of this story and they will ultimately fizzle out. I honestly think his relationship with Karrueche was way more genuine and he’ll make his way back after he and Rihanna end again. Sounds crazy, but I’m calling it now.

  15. I’m just waiting for Karrueche to write a tell all or do a reality show. She needs to go ahead and give us the dirt on what really happened. Chris and Rihanna are two fools.

  16. Did this little boy just ask if it’s possible to love two people at the same time?! Umm, no sir, it isn’t. And if you think that’s what’s going on here, you need to understand that you don’t love 2 people, you just really love yourself. And that’s clear by your actions. I am tired of him, all his stupid fans who encourage this behavior, and Rihanna’s corny a–.

  17. At this point, I’m focusing more on the picture for this article rather than the news itself. How does Rihanna have cleavage in a tube top? I’m baffled.
    As for the news itself; every dog has their day. I’m hoping that for her own sake, Karrueche will stop with the tweets, addressing this situation publicly. Chris and Rihanna can go down in flames on their own. You’d think that with the humiliation and hurt of having your domestic abuse experience (and infidelity) publicized, Rihanna would have a little more compassion for someone else that is clearly suffering emotionally while being watched by America. She’s grown and can do what she wants as far as her decision to go back to him or not. But the gloating and blatant disrespect? THAT’S that isht I don’t like…. They all just need to have several seats. And I don’t even use that Tamartian lingo, lol, but in this case, they really do!!!

  18. I respect Chris for not calling or texting karrueche to break things off..He flew her into NY, went to her hotel, brought her some white roses and talked things over with her that the media has been saying for so long that…He was still in love with Rhianna! SMDH

    1. That’s not what happened though. That’s Chris’ PR spinning team lying because Chris looks bad. He flew her in to do what he’s always been doing. Sleeping with both women and having his cake and eating it too. Everything was cool until people started taking pictures this time. He had no choice but to break up with her and play the “good guy role.” Especially when he was pictured with both women on the same day. Even Karrueche said to her friends the flowers were his apology for something that happened prior to the Rihanna situation. People just have no idea what he was telling Karrueche. Instead they want to call her stupid. One day she’s going to spill all the tea and Chris can no longer fool the last bit of fans he has left. And no, he’s not in love with Rihanna. He’s in lust and he will cheat on her again like he’s always done. It kills me how loosely people throw around the term love on two idiots.

      1. Thats my version of what happened…Im not stuttin his PR team of course there paid to paint his already tainted image….karrueche should right a tell all and get $$$ and I hope she was stacking his coins while out on shopping sprees… She’s a beautiful girl she will bounce back. Like I said Chris and Rhi love each so much they prob will end up killing each other. Either way Im a fan of Chris music only, not his personla life… never cared for Rhi music I think she worship the devil anyhow!

      2. Thank you. I’m so sick of Chris and his phony PR stunts. Kae tweeted what she did because Chris is LYING about a lot of this and it’s not right for him to try to make himself look good when he did the things he did. I agree, it’s only a matter of time before him and Rihanna crash and burn again, and Kae puts the truth out there for everyone to hear.

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