Gossip: Kanye’s Sex Tape Ruined His Relationship With Kim

By: Taren Vaughan

Has the Kanye West sex tape ruined his relationship with Kim Kardashian? Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have shared a rather controversial relationship with each other from the very start of it. With the imfamous sex tape with ex-boyfriend Ray J still lingering over her head, Kim K. has continued to fight off rumors concerning herself and her relationship with Kanye West. And they started to circulate much more once Kanye was exposed  for having a sex tape of his very own out for the public to get a hold of, a tape that those anxious to see it were placing bids on and one that Kim herself was said to be apart of. Kim having a similar background of her own when it comes to pornography wouldn’t be bothered by this too much would she? That looks not to be the case. Now that Kim is not the only person in the relationship with a sex tape floating about, apparently this is not sitting too well with her as Kim supposedly claims that the sex tape Kanye has out is putting a damper on their relationship, one that Kanye is rumored to be getting sick of. A source tells OK! Magazine that Kim allegedly thinks that the sex tape, with chatter that there is more than one sex tape out, is causing her and Kanye’s union to crumble:

Kim Kardashian is in a panic over Kanye West’s rumored sex tapes — and sources say the alleged pornographic video is already tearing the couple apart.

“You’d think Kim would be somewhat cool about this since she has a sex tape of her own with her then-beau Ray J, but she’s so not. She’s totally freaking out since she found out. She and Kanye have been fighting viciously over it,” says a very close pal of Kim. “Yes, it seems like a double-standard situation, sure, but she thinks she has a right to be angry,” the pal says.

Here’s why: Despite being totally ambushed by the news and having to bear the subsequent humiliation, one of the biggest qualms Kim has is the fact that in one of the tapes the woman says she’s married — and only 18!

Kanye West’s lawyer confirmed that a sex tape actually exist featuring Kanye. Yet as far as how it is affecting him and Kim as a couple is still considered gossip at the moment.





  1. How can a sex tape no one really even cared about ruin their relationship? I think if anything, these two are having problems because they didn’t get nearly half the attention they thought they would.

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