The Spokesperson of Will Smith And Jada Pinkett Smith Addresses The Divorce Rumors

jada and will

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith have had a marriage that many people have celebrated for years. Pegged as the model black couple before there was Michelle and President Barack Obama to admire, many people felt they were the perfect symbol for timeless black love. Both Will and Jada also seemed to prove that two successful black people could come together and make a marriage work, while maintaining their respective achievements in their careers. Although every married couple in Hollywood eventually meets the fate of being the target of nasty split up rumors, the rumors about these two calling it quits have been extremely frequent for the last year. And after close friends Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes announced that their marriage would be no more, many thought it would only be a matter of time before Will and Jada followed suit. Then there’s those old but very pesky rumors of Will actually being more interested in men sexually than his own wife, and that infamous interview that made Will Smith sound as if the couple has an open marriage. And not too long ago, the couple was suspecting to be divorcing again when reports surfaced that they were putting one of their homes up for sale.

According to the latest gossip, folks are saying the two are splitting, again. But this time, it’s a very popular gossip blog at the front of this current split rumor. The other day, MTO published a report that claimed Jada Pinkett Smith hinted that she was ending her marriage of over a decade with Will Smith.

There source of that information was a Facebook post Jada made on her Official Facebook page.

Well according to Jada and Will’s spokesperson, the couple is not headed for divorce and MTO is reaching.

Here’s the report:

“We’re not exactly sure WHAT is going on… but Jada and Will may [have] SPLIT!!” begins a piece from MediaTakeOut about Will Smith and Jada Pinkett.

Take a moment to read through that sentence again: The blog admits it doesn’t know what is going on with the couple, and in the same sentence alleges that they’ve split.


Anyway, MTO speculates the couple could be headed for a “separation” because Pinkett wrote on Facebook that “she’s going through a change in her life!!”

The site reports that the actress “posted about how she’s on a ‘new journey,’” adding, “She went on to talk about how Will and her will continue to parent their children the way they have in the past.”

…In any case, Gossip Cop reached out to a source close to Pinkett, who tells us, “She always writes on Facebook,” adding that the site was simply reading way “too far into it” in an apparent attempt to manufacture drama with the couple.


  1. Yeah I didn’t believe this anyway. Until it comes out of their own mouths, I tend to ignore the rumors about these two. It’s something about a black married couple in Hollywood that just makes people want it them to fail so bad.

  2. Everything that glitters isn’t gold. I don’t buy that they are as “happy” as they want people to think. They might not be splitting now, but it will happen eventually. And it’s not that I want them to fail, but it’s always a red flag when a couple doesn’t want anyone to see that they are flawed.

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