Diddy’s Baby Mama Misa Confirms He’s Engaged to Cassie

diddy and cassie

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Diddy and Cassie have been rumored to be dating for the last few years. Many always assumed it would never become anything serious, since Diddy has a long standing reputation of being a ladies’ man and an industry executive who likes to go back and fourth with his on and off love and baby mama, Kim Porter. So when Diddy started being photographed on what looked like romantic outings and getaways with R&B singer Cassie, many thought it just wouldn’t last. Many felt the relationship between the two could just never become anything more than Diddy just having a fun time. And maybe that was a fair assertion for people to have seeing as no one can remember Diddy being in a committed relationship since Jennifer Lopez.

Well things might be looking up for Diddy’s one woman side, according to the latest gossip, the music mogul has proposed to Cassie and the two are engaged. We didn’t feel the need to post about this, since we along with most felt it couldn’t be anything but rumors. Well looks like we were wrong, at least according to his baby mama Misa Hylton.

In a recent interview with Power99, when asked about Diddy’s engagement to Cassie, Misa pretty much confirmed it.

When asked if Diddy’s engagement to Cassie affects her any, she says:

“No I love Cassie. I like Cassie for him. She’s a very nice girl. She’s talented she’s beautiful and she’s really nice to him and to my son. And that’s all I can ask for.”

Wow. To be honest, we didn’t know if we would ever see the day that Diddy would get married or even engaged after Jennifer Lopez.

Congrats to Diddy and Cassie.


  1. Well damn. Kim Porter loses! And this is what men usually do. They usually don’t marry the chick who were ride or die or with them when they shouldn’t have been. Mark my words the same thing will happen with Chris and Rihanna. This is life folks.

    1. He’s only marrying Cassie over Kim because Cassie isn’t black. She’s the bootleg version of Jennifer Lopez, so this is the only reason he chose her over Kim. Diddy’s obsession with J-Lo will never go away.

    2. Yeah I don’t think Rihanna and Chris will end up together either. Women need to stop wasting so many years on guys who don’t appreciate it.

  2. I will not believe Diddy is engaged until I see him publicly claim Cassie. I will not believe he is married until I see wedding video that can be verified by multiple sources and news agencies.

    Diddy was, is and will always be a rolling stone and that plays on both sides of the fence. It’s almost like a fact of life – some men are not meant to be husbands.

  3. Hmm…I still don’t see this wedding happening. It would be good for his kids to see Diddy get married thou.

  4. I don’t see this ending well. I never thought and still don’t think Diddy is husband material. But congrats to them though.

  5. Really? It has to be the money. I feel like Cassie could do better. There’s nothing more to Diddy than his money. But I guess.

  6. Cassie is a pretty girl. But sooner or later, she’ll be miserable with Diddy. It’s inevitable. He’s a heartless dude eventually to just about most of the people he interacts with.

  7. Umm how old is Diddy 72 and aint cassie 12…not gone happen. Is he thru making babies is what I want to know? How about Holiday trips with Kim? Now Diddy you are just to messy but I dont think Cassie or Kim minds that he goes back and forth between the 2 of them!

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