Tamera Mowry Gets Dragged On Twitter for Allegedly Shading Biden, Husband Intervenes When Racism Ensues

By: A.J. Niles

It looks like another celebrity is caught up in another political scandal. This time, it is Actress and Reality T.V. Star Tamera Mowry-Housley. According to sources, Tamera retweeted Fox News anchor Greta Van Susteren on Twitter during the Vice-Presidential Debate.

This retweet, which was deleted from her account a short time later caused a stir on many Twitterfeeds. Many people were instantly assuming her retweet was a passive pot shot towards Vice President Joe Biden who many conservative and Republican pundits are criticizing for being rude and interrupting the Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan. As a result of the attacks Tamera was encountering on the social network, her Husband, Adam Housley took to her defense and stood up to the venomous attacks.

Read the Tweets from the bottom to the top.

Tamera Mowry-Housley nor her husband has not issued an endorsement of either candidate yet during this current Presidential election. Tamera was not the only black celebrity criticized on twitter for expressing opinions on the political process and/or endorsing a candidate.



  1. I’m going to be very real and say I hate when white people cry racism.Racism is part of THEIR history. In fact, they have a history that involves them being racist towards just about every other ethnicity. History shows they are the only race that cannot coexist with other races without them being violent and hateful. Have a seat.

  2. Some of the tweets were out of hand but Tamera’s timing of the tweet seemed like she has chosen a side. And yes, black people have their minds made up about Fox News because of their racial undertones towards Obama and black people. He should not be so insensitive about it.

    1. I think you must be lying and be Tamera herself because I searched all through Twitter and saw no “racist” tweets. Somebody wants attention.

  3. I’m glad he defended his wife but he didn’t really help the situation any. If you haven’t chosen a side, then don’t tweet those kinds of tweets. Black people take this whole political thing very seriously because we stand to lose more than anyone else when a Republican gets in office. Why neither one can understand that just confirms what people were saying in the first place about Tamera.

  4. This was real cute and everything but we already know who Tamera is voting for. Yeah it’s ignorant to assume what someone thinks politically by who they marry, but her tweet was clear to me. The timing of it said it all.

  5. I looked on her timeline and didn’t see when she tweeted this when Obama and Romney were debating. As many times as Romney cut Obama off, why didn’t she tweet this then? I hate when people try to hide behind Twitter.

  6. People overrated. That tweet showed no bias in my opinion. I watched the debate and both Ryan and Biden interrupted each other in the debate. Who she’s married to shouldn’t have been part of this discussion.

  7. Who’s shocked that Tamera is a republican though? Or that she married a white man? She didn’t deserve all the attention she got. Yes that was shade and I don’t see the need in getting mad when i can simply not support anything else she does instead. Problem solved.

      1. Well when they have opinions supporting political parties that do nothing but hold Black people back from fully succeeding in the USA, they deserved to be criticized heavily.

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