Kanye Disses Amber Rose & Wiz Khalifa in His New Song “White Dress”

amber rose and wiz khalifa

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kanye and Amber Rose didn’t call it quits without a little controversy. Although the two dated for a couple of years, the two were speculated to have ended because of Kanye’s cheating ways and according to Amber Rose, Kim Kardashian’s continuous affair with the rapper, despite having a serious relationship with Reggie Bush at the time. During the time of the break up, Kanye was said to have taken shots at Amber in his lyrics, making him appear like a bully to his former girlfriend. And although Amber Rose seems to be in a very happy place in her life, as she is now an engaged mother to be, some wonder how Kanye really feels about Amber’s new life without him now. Especially since Amber ended up being more than a “rapper fling” like he may have suspected she would be.

Kanye may be dating Kim Kardashian now, but both Kim and Kanye have had to watch their exes Reggie and Amber move on to happiness without them. Even Reggie Bush is happily expecting a baby with his current girlfriend, and gushing about how excited he is about fatherhood. This caused many to speculate that Kim is extremely bitter about this, and as a result, both Kim and Kanye spent most of last week doing pretty desperate photo ops (like the one where Kim was photographed grabbing a huge chunk of Kanye’s ass) and sending those “serious and happy couple” stories to the press, like how they are home shopping in Miami. The timing of these photo ops and planted stories are very interesting to say the least.

So to many, they aren’t surprised to learn that Kanye has made yet another song about Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa despite telling the world how happy he is to be with Kim Kardashian,

In the song, which is entitled White Dress, it does sound like he may have even dissed the engaged couple:

Here’s the report from Global Grind:

Kanye on Amber: “Now she back in the club in a tight dress/With dreams of someday wearing a white dress/Seen with some lame, it’s a miracle that she’ll talk to a nigga/With a ten year ago swag.”

DECODED: After breaking up with Kanye, Amber Rose was back on the scene as a single woman. Months later, Amber Rose ended up falling in love with Pittsburgh rapper Wiz Khalifa, who was seen by many as a downgrade from the stylish Kanye West. The two lovebirds even dressed up for a “fake” wedding in Vegas with their friends. Wiz and Amber are now engaged and expecting their first child.

Take a listen to the track:

Interestingly enough, Wiz Khalifa has already made it clear that he isn’t phased when Kanye makes lyrics about Amber Rose. He explains why in an older interview:

“You know why? Because she’s dope. She tight. I would probably be rapping about her if she left me too.”


  1. And this is what I’m talking about. If Kanye and Kim are soooo happy together, why are they still worrying about their exes? Him rapping about Amber just confirms that he and Kim are a publicity stunt.

  2. Why is Kanye still butt hurt about this? I thought he said Kim was the girl of his dreams? If she is, why is he still rapping about Amber? Kanye and Kim are two of the most miserable and pathetic people I have ever seen.

  3. How is Wiz the downgrade when he treats Amber better than Kanye does? Hell look at how he treats Kim…if anything, Amber upgraded and Kim was the one who downgraded. The fact Knaye really thinks his fashion choices makes him an upgrade over someone else shows how immature he really is. But Kim is just as juvenile, so they both deserve each other.

  4. The biggest thing I took away from these lyrics is how overrated Kanye is. How is he 35 still rapping elementary school lyrics? Kanye has really fallen.

  5. Kanye is bitter. Besides looks, Kim has nothing else going for her. Her personality sucks, she’s boring, and lacks intelligence. All she cares about is fame. And most of his peers are laughing at him for being with her. That’s probably why he is not showing up to as many industry events as he used to.

  6. Lol @ that shade Wiz threw in that interview. Kanye needs to move on and stop rapping about his exes he was so glad to cheat on for Kim’s trashy behind.

  7. Kanye is a hater! He need to leave Amber & Wiz alone! He need to worry about his still very married girlfriend. Maybe he mad cause Amber came up and not off a sex tape!

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