The Real Beef Between Floyd Mayweather and 50 Cent Finally Exposed

By: Taren Vaughan

50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather have had what seems to be a great friendship with each other that has been going for some years now. The rapper turned businessman and the money making, and money spending, boxer have gotten close enough to the point where they became more than just good buddies. The two have gone in on business deals together, one of them being The Money Team [TMT] Promotions, attempting to make their pockets just a little fatter. Floyd had to take a slight break from making money with 50 though as he was required to serve a three month jail sentence for assaulting his baby’s mother. After Floyd’s release, there was talk that he and 50 were not on the best of terms with numerous reasons about why started to surface. While the famed boxer was in jail serving his time, it was assumed that 50 was holding it down for him on the business side of things. Rumor has it though that he was doing anything but that. Allegedly, 50 was apart of some shady dealings revolving around Floyd’s career. FightHype got the scoop on the alleged dealings involving both 50 cent and Tommy Summers, also known as Tommy Smalls, a former Mayweather associate, supposedly the real reason why Floyd and 50’s friendship has fallen apart:

Until now, the circumstances surrounding the discord between long-time friends Floyd Mayweather and 50 Cent have been unclear. When news about the formation of The Money Team [TMT] Promotions first broke back in July, we were led to believe that the company was created as a joint business venture between both men. As Mayweather was serving the remainder of his jail sentence, 50 Cent was moving quickly to sign fighters, like Yuriorkis Gamboa, Andre Dirrell, and Billy Dib. Presumably, he was acting on Mayweather’s behalf, representing TMT Promotions as a partnership that would change the sport of boxing. However, has discovered that was not the case at all. What was once described as a “breath of fresh air” actually turned out to be an attempted coup by those once considered to be close to Mayweather.

Sources have informed us that 50 Cent and former Mayweather associate Tommy Summers, A.K.A. Tommy Smalls, tried to take advantage of Mayweather’s incarceration in an attempt to oust long-time advisor Al Haymon in hopes of gaining control of Mayweather’s career, both in and out of the ring. With the help of the influential Haymon, Mayweather has built a brand that has made him the highest-paid athlete in all sports. Their working relationship has allowed him to shatter pay-per-view records and generate revenue like no other fighter has ever seen before. One would think that Mayweather’s achievements speak volumes about his working relationship with Haymon and their ability to succeed. Apparently, 50 Cent and Tommy Summers didn’t see it that way. Ultimately, greed may have been the single solitary factor that caused long-time friends to go their separate ways.

FightHype also got their hands on a letter that was allegedly written to Floyd while he was in jail, trying to convince Floyd that he should cut off Al Haymon as his advisor and strictly work with him and 50:

Judging from the letter that was sent to Mayweather while he was incarcerated, postmarked July 24, 2012, which was exactly 4 days after it was revealed that TMT Promotions was formed, it would seem that the newly created promotional company was more of a joint venture between 50 Cent and Tommy Summers. Furthermore, given his instructions in the letter to “tear this up when you finish reading”, it should be clear that, at the very least, Summers was definitely up to something. Apparently, as they spoke to fighters, they painted a picture that Mayweather was indeed on board, when in reality, he really wasn’t. The notion that Mayweather was involved is one of the reasons why IBF featherweight champion Billy Dib was quick to sign with TMT Promotions, only to later find out that the facts were misrepresented to him. There was also an attempt to move former WBA featherweight champion Celestino Caballero to TMT Promotions, despite the fact that he was already signed with Mayweather Promotions.

Several sources have noted that Tommy Summers is notorious for making questionable back-alley deals on behalf of other fighters, like Mike Tyson and Zab Judah. It now appears that his latest decision to partner with 50 Cent may have cost him a close friend in the process. If the goal was to separate Floyd Mayweather from Al Haymon in hopes of reshaping the landscape of boxing, they should have known well in advance that whatever plan they concocted was not going to work based solely on how loyal Mayweather himself is to his team. Considering that 50 Cent has absolutely no experience whatsoever in boxing, one can only imagine why Tommy Summers decided to partner with a business man who’s battling to keep his own sales up in the ultra-competitive rap industry. In fact, one can’t help but wonder if 50 Cent’s plan to align himself with Mayweather and venture into the business of boxing was simply an attempt to remain relevant, especially considering that he has a new album due to hit stores some time in mid-November, which just so happens to coincide with his original plan to promote the first event of TMT Promotions on November 17. After all, exactly what was 50 Cent going to bring to the table for Mayweather, who is already considered to be the biggest name in his own industry?

We sure hope this isn’t true as Floyd and 50 have had a lengthy friendship with each other.


  1. 50 is cold. The only thing that drives him is money. And with people like that, they don’t know loyalty. I think this is why his rap career fell off. People couldn’t get past his shady behavior. It just turned people off.

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