Kobe Bryant and Wife Vanessa Exposed For Attempting To Cover Up Marital Issues

By: Taren Vaughan

The status of  Kobe Bryant and his wife Vanessa Bryant’s marriage has been questioned several times. After Kobe was accused of sexually assaulting a female back in 2003, admitting to cheating on Vanessa with the girl, the NBA superstar received much backlash over his infidelity. And it was an incident that many thought would surely leave him a single man. Not the case though as Vanessa stuck by him, many people convinced that she only did it in order to hold on tight to the lavish life that she had been living for years. But after everything settled from the scandal, the rumors about Kobe messing around with other women did not. There was even speculation that he was getting quite friendly with some of the female athletes during this year’s Olympic Games, LeBron James finding his name caught up in some drama there too. And it was said that Vanessa made a trip out to the Olympics, not for the festivities and events, but to keep a close eye on her husband. It appeared for a moment that Vanessa was on the verge of leaving Kobe but she changed her mind about calling a quits, wanting to stay and work things out. And everything was all good between them. Now it seems that she has changed her mind yet again as sources have claimed that Vanessa and Kobe are headed to Splitsville, maybe even for a divorce too. And that the two are no longer living together either.

Starz Uncut reports:

StarzUncut.com has just obtained exclusive evidence showing that Kobe Bryant and his wife Vanessa are separated, possibly headed toward divorce, and that all reports claiming the couple had truly reconciled are unfounded. The celebrity couple no longer live together, and lead entirely different lives.

The Black Mamba was just seen chillin’ at the Pelican Hill Resort’s Villa Club, rollin’ in his Red Ferrari 458 Italia Spider.

We broke the news last December that Kobe moved into the private South Villas after marital troubles. Now we’ve learned that he’s STILL renting the 2,200 square foot villa despite the fact that his wife and kids are living in his mansion down the street. Maybe Vanessa’s still mad about all of Kobe’s publicized behavior from the Olympic Games?… Who knows, that was a while ago, but Kobe always seems to be going at it with her. Doesn’t he?

But don’t think for one minute that Kobe is living in some sleazy motel… HA! That couldn’t be farther from the truth. The Pelican Hill Resort’s clientele typically includes your everyday A-List celebrities, along with the occasional billionaire Sultan from overseas. Guests are pampered with both live-in butlers and chefs while they enjoy the most unreal, panoramic ocean views all

Different speculations on what is going on with Kobe and his wife have been floating around, and with this footage, we are able to confirm that not only is the marriage on the rocks, but Kobe is living all alone in the doghouse. By the looks of it, Vanessa is definitely regulating on Kobe, and continues to punish him for recent scandals. She has also stopped wearing her $4 million wedding band, according to several reports.

Despite all the drama, Kobe’s still managing pull it off as though nothing is wrong. From the looks of things, he’s just trying to keep it super low-key, focus on the upcoming basketball season and have a quiet place to return to after practice.

With the L.A. Laker’s new additions of both Dwight Howard and Steve Nash, along with the resigning of Pau Gasol… Kobe Bryant and the Lakers clearly have the ideal cast for the upcoming season, making them a front runner in the race for the championship.

Kobe can be seen by himself in this video leaving one of the resort’s extravagant villa clubhouses, departing in his Ferrari, and following the lonely road a mere few hundred feet back to his beachfront villa.

After recently being busted for using his cell phone while driving, it’s nice to see Kobe has finally wised up and gone the hands free route.

Neither Kobe nor Vanessa has responded to the rumors about them being separated and on the verge of divorce. But according to the latest gossip, things between them are not looking too good right now.


  1. This was never going to work. Kobe’s a cheater and Vanessa is a gold digger. She is destined to walk away with half and remarry someone else in a year. Typical.

  2. I’m actually surprised they made it this long. I’m not even sure why they are trying to fool anyone, if the marriage is over, it’s just over. No need for cover ups.

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