Legendary Actress Lynn Whitfield Slams Stacey Dash For Not Giving Specifics For Endorsing Mitt Romney

lynn whitfield

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Actress Stacey Dash made headlines last week for endorsing Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney. We didn’t post about the endorsement because it reeked of a publicity stunt to us, especially since she actually dedicated a whole sexy photo shoot to the political endorsement. Sure, she could very well be serious about voting for Romney, but it was really hard to get past the fact that she’s the only person we’ve ever seen do something as serious as endorse a Presidential candidate with a photo shoot.

Regardless, her political beliefs seems to have really angered a lot of people, especially black supporters of President Obama. Of course, Stacey decided to tweet the photo spread and her support of Romney, and she was instantly bombarded with negative responses from other African Americans who just could not wrap their head around the fact that Dash would endorse Mitt Romney.

Although Stacey Dash seemed to be “unphased” by the negative reactions (she even made jokes about it on her Twitter account), she then proceeded to go on CNN and discuss how she was emotionally devastated that so many people were outraged by her decision:

But the whispers of the endorsement being  nothing but a publicity stunt grew louder after Dash made her appearance on CNN, since she offered no real specifics about why she has chosen to publicly endorse Mitt Romney. She only stated that she just felt he was more so for women’s rights and job creation.

The lukewarm answer just didn’t sit well with those who are really deep into politics, so much so, that another black actress has called her out about it.

Legendary black actress Lynn Whitfield, like others, is disappointed that Stacey Dash gave no real specifics about why she has chosen to endorse Mitt Romney.

In an interview with The News, she says:

“I would want to ask her, what is it that you see in Gov. Romney’s actions that protects you as a woman?” Whitfield said while cheering on VP Joe Bidenat a debate watch party at
Katra Lounge.

Whitfield said the reasons Dash has given the press for her support of Romney are not “very specific.” “I’m not a hater,” she added of Dash. “I just would hope she would look at all the facts and make an informed decision.”


  1. People have the right to vote for who they want to vote for, but I think people need to always take a celeb’s political involvement with a grain of salt. Most of the time, it’s just a cry for attention. I really don’t think she deserved all the attention she got for this.

  2. Stacey Dash is a nut case. She only did this for attention and probably won’t even vote. I refuse to take the political beliefs of a woman who randomly shouts and hits people on the set of her tv shows seriously.

  3. LOL at this idiot saying “Romney cares” when he was caught on audio/video saying he doesn’t care about 46% of the country. Shut up Stacey. You did this to get another job in Hollywood, but most of Hollywood are loyal democrats. You fail.

  4. People have the right to vote for who they want, but I’m sorry. *In Samuel L Jackson’s voice* Stacey, You’re stupid.

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