High School Students Reenact Chris Brown Beating Rihanna in Blackface At Pep Rally


By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

To most of the world, the violent incident that happened between Chris Brown and Rihanna was a serious one. In fact, the picture of a bloodied and bruised Rihanna is one that most people will never forget. And that’s most likely one of the reasons Chris Brown has had such a hard time getting the public to move on from the events that transpired that unforgettable night on 2009. Regardless, both Chris and Rihanna seemed to have more forward from the situation, as it’s been rumored that the could be getting back together.

Well if looks like students at a high school in New York don’t see the seriousness of domestic violence of the insensitivity and dark history of blackface because they got the bright idea to reenact Chris Brown beating Rihanna in blackface at their homecoming pep rally.

Here’s the report:

On Friday, three white students, dressed in blackface, parodied a violent scene meant to depict Chris Brown beating Rihanna at a high school homecoming pep rally. Although faculty members, parents, and community leaders were among those in the audience of the Waverly High School event in Waverly, NY, nobody stopped the performance. Now the school’s administration is under fire, as it’s been reported that all skits were approved by staff members prior to the pep rally.

Matt Dishler, a 2006 graduate of Waverly, brought the incident—part of the school’s annual competition for the “Mr. Waverly” title— to national attention after he posted about it on CNN’s iReport on Monday. In the accompanying photo, a male is beating a female on the floor, as students in the audience look on and laugh.

“I can testify there’s not a lot of racial diversity in that school whatsoever,” Dishler told a local paper on Monday. “I felt like something should have been done about this.”

The sad thing is these kids really don’t understand what was wrong with any of this. I can’t believe people are still doing blackface in 2012, nor can I understand why a woman getting her ass kicked by a man is so hilarious.


  1. Are they serious?! And it’s very telling that they can’t see anything wrong with this. What a stupid world we live in.

  2. So black ppl can make fun of how white people dress how they sound and how they raise their kids with the time out thing but as soon as a white person wanna renact something a black person did its a sad thing grow up nobody cares about this chris brown thing its old rihanna dont care anymore so take a seat fan yaselfs and cool off

    1. STFU. Read a history book on blackface before you make childish comments. There are so many things wrong with this. Blackface is offensive! Do you not get that you idiot?! Oh wait, you’re probably only well versed in celebrity news. And lastly, nothing is funny about domestic violence. Nothing! These kids were wrong and you have the dumbest comment on here. Your argument about black people making fun of white people is the dumbest rationale I’ve seen in the comment section of this blog in a long time.

      1. so you mad? so you mad? oh ok lmaoo get a life people dont care what you have to say you going hard and i bet you not even doing anything about this is you calling the school about what they did are you contacting the media about this no you not you on the internet i love how yall are responding to me #Cheers

    2. Classic,

      You’re just as stupid as the kids who participated in this. Your name is perfect, you classic idiot.

  3. What? Is this a freakin joke?! How can they not understand what is wrong with making a joke of someone being brutalized. Then black face on top of that.

  4. Racist comments will NOT be posted on this site. If you don’t like black people and need to make derogatory comments about black people, please visit a racist site like Storm Front where you can use all the racist slurs and slavery jokes you like. But it won’t be tolerated here. I have no problem banning people either. This is a site for black celebs, if you don’t like black people, find another site to visit. This blog is ran, operated, and maintained by a black staff. Respect it or hit that X at the corner of the page. Thanks.

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